Halloween Tutorial: Fairuza Balk As Nancy In 'The Craft'

Serve some evil '90s teen witch realness with a look that's perfect for Halloween (or any day).

When it comes to movies I’ll watch over and over again forever, The Craft is definitely right up there. Four teenage girls use witchcraft for personal gain and revenge, all while rocking the ultimate in mid-'90s glamour? What’s not to love?

Nancy was always my favorite character, primarily because she wore the most eyeliner and committed the most homicides. So when my best friend Charlotte threw a witch-themed housewarming party, I KNEW that Nancy from The Craft was the witch look for me.

So today I’m going to show you how I got Schoolgirl Nancy’s Craft-inspired look (you know, before she gets all hopped up on magic and starts murdering people). This is the perfect Halloween costume--easily identifiable as a character rather than a generic witch or '90s girl in black, and SUPER easy to put together.

This is to feel, this is to be. Shape and form it for all to see!


I copied Nancy’s hair in the movie poster as closely as I could, parting mine deeply off to one side, hair spraying the crap out of my bangs so that they all stayed together, then pinning them at the other side with a silver barrette. Hey, superfluous clips were all the rage in 1996.

I misted the rest of my hair with water and combed it back tightly into a low ponytail. I brushed some hairspray through the tail to keep all my layers together, then twisted it up into a coiled bun and pinned it down.

Blow a kiss to the haters, girl. You look good.


Nancy is pale and so am I, so I used my usual fair shade of BB cream. If you’d like to increase your pallor, use a foundation one to two shades lighter than your skin rather than turning to white face paint--little touches like this are the difference between a Look and a half-assed costume.

Use concealer wherever needed, then seal everything with LOTS of translucent powder. I mean a serious amount. The look in the mid-'90s was all matte everything, so really get crazy here.

Nancy doesn’t go in for blush or highlight, so neither did I--but I did use a tiny bit of MAC Sculpting Powder under my cheekbones to bring out their angles a little more.

Finally, I switched out my nose stud for a big silver hoop last seen in my Orphan Black tutorial, which seems appropriate.


Nancy’s defining makeup feature is her super dark eye makeup, which I totally tried to imitate when I first saw this movie in high school. Fortunately I’ve gotten a lot better at it since then.

Begin with a shimmery gunmetal gray applied all over the mobile lid and blended up just above the crease. This is bareMinerals Eyecolor in Moss applied with a medium brush.

Moisten a matte black eye shadow (this is Carbon by MAC) with contact solution and run it all around your eyes with a small brush. Once it’s dry, blend it out with a small (dry) brush and more black shadow for extra smudginess.

Now it’s time to hit those waterlines. Thanks to fall allergies, my eyes have been really teary lately--too teary for ordinary liquid eyeliner to hold up to. So instead, I used a flat angled brush and Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara from Make Up For Ever, which is the most amazing waterproof mascara EVER. It was really easy: I picked up some mascara from the end of the wand with my brush, then gently brushed it along my upper and lower waterlines.

This lasted for HOURS without needing a touch up, even on my watery eyeballs--a true gift from Manon himself.

Finally, I applied a ton of mascara. I wanted a clumpy, lumpy look, so I didn’t comb it out between coats. You can even brush translucent powder onto your lashes between coats, if you really want the authentic spider-leg look.

Nancy has angry brows in the movie, so I used Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Ebony to draw mine on more angularly than I normally would, shading underneath the arch with frosted white shadow. This both helped to hide my fuller brows and also made it more '90s.

And the eyes are done!

How did I do, Nancy?


In my memories, Nancy wore black lipstick, but I think that was wishful thinking on my teenage self’s part. In reality, she wore dark, reddish-brown lipstick, which is what I did, too.

First I outlined my lips with a burgundy lip liner, making sure to exaggerate the lower lip a little for a poutier look. Then I colored them in with the same liner for a solid base upon which to apply my lipstick.

Then I used a SUPER dark red lipstick that Bite custom-made for me. You can’t buy this shade specifically, but MAC Lipstick in Diva looks to be a similar color.


With a cross earring and a few rosaries, my glamor was complete!

Ours is the magic. Ours is the power. Now is the time. This is the hour.

This look went over aces at the witch party. The makeup was easy to maintain and everyone immediately knew who I was.

Or they did, until Manon granted me all his powers...and then I became unrecognizable, even to myself.

(I almost didn't show you that picture, but it made me laugh so hard that I had to.)

  • So tell me, fellow members of my coven--are you fans of The Craft? How did I do with my homage to Fairuza Balk’s gorgeousness?
  • What do you think is the best beauty look from this movie?
  • Did anyone else get way into witchcraft after seeing this movie? Because, oh boy, I did.