The Best Beauty Advice I Can Give You Right Now

It's something I wish I would've done a while ago.
Publish date:
October 24, 2013
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Beauty advice? You want BEAUTY ADVICE? Here's the warm, chewy, extra tasty middle piece of beauty advice for all of you: get your stupid flu shots.

Although I've never claimed to be an expert in international standards of beauty, I can say, with 99.9999% confidence that snot rockets and hawking up yummy green bronchitis goo is not hot in any culture, ever. I'm less confident about the swollen red nose and so-old-we're-just-kind-of-waiting-for-him-to-die, crusty beagle eyes, but they sure as hell don't look hot on me.

Dude says I'm still really pretty blah blah blah, but he WON'T COME NEAR ME because I'm an exploding fleshy mound of germs. Have you guys seen season 4, episode 2 of The Walking Dead? Don't watch it when you've got the flu.

And if you're as scared of needles as I am just frame getting your flu shot as a benefit to your outer beauty. Think of it like you'd think of lip injections, because you'd totally get lip injections.

Ugh I'm dying here. Congrats cheerfullyabrasive on winning the Davines salt spray, and since I forgot to announce a winner for the Davines volumizing mousse, congrats dimthedaylights, for you have won it.

I'm not at the office. I'm not even at my place--I'm at Dude's because he has internet and I'm trying to work today. So I don't know what the giveaway will be but if you selfie and are over 18 and in the US let me know if you'd want something for your hair, skin, nails, or MAKEUP and I'll send you something nice.