How I'm Going To Fake The Beach Babe Look Until I Make It

I’m channeling Malibu Barbie for this extremely premature, self-tanner-free summer beauty look.
Publish date:
March 19, 2014
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I’m so excited for summer. I can’t wait to be out biking around in the sun, lying in the hot sand with big sunglasses and a cute bikini, and getting tan (I get really tan thanks to my New Zealand blood).

Since a beach day is at least two or three months away here in Canada however, I had to take matters into my own hands for now.

I’ve never, ever bought any kind of self-tanning products. No bronzer, no creams, no wipes--nothing. I’ve never even been inside the doors of a tanning salon, never mind in a spray-tan tent or an actual tanning bed.

I am naturally really tan, but this horrid winter has faded me to new heights of paleness, and I miss that warm glow I’ve taken for granted every other year.

So here's how I'm fast-fowarding to beach babe.

First, the hair. Instead of my go-to twisty buns and sea salt spray, I decided to change things up a (tiny) bit.

I love the way my hair gets all matted and messy at the beach, and I almost always throw it on top of my head in a messy bun-type thing. I gave my hair a good coating of Davines sea salt spray, then bundled all of my hair in a big topknot while I did my makeup.

Next, bronzer. I was pretty much powerless to Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil Bronzing Powder, given the fact that it not only has great reviews, but it has real cocoa powder in it and actually smells like chocolate. I used my Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair blush brush to lightly coat my face, neck, and collarbone area in what I like to call “powdered sunshine.” I instantly had a warm, glowing tan--it felt pretty weird but also pretty awesome.

Fully bronzed and feeling a bit like Malibu Barbie, I decided to run with it. I added a dash of blue to my eyelids with The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Eye Shadow in Boyfriend Jeans, a touch of milky pink to my lips with Too Faced’s La Creme lipstick in Taffy, and a natural flush of burnt peachy blush with Too Faced’s Sweethearts Perfect Fush Blush in Peach Beach.

Finally, I topped it all off with a bit of mascara.

Next up, my beach bod. In search of something both cruelty-free and non-orange, I came across The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze, a shimmery sparkly dry oil with a touch of colour to it, and a sweet, honey scent. This product is lightweight and subtle, but definitely gave my skin a healthy, beachy glow.

Finally, I pulled my topknot out to release my wavy messy beach hair from it’s scrunchie captivity.

OK, but seriously, do I look scary and orange like an overly made-up celeb, or like a character from Blue Crush who totally just conquered a massive wave?