You Asked: "How The Heck Do I Blend My Eyeshadow?"

In today's video, I'm teaching you how to blend your shadow like a damn wizard.

Hi, everyone! You may have noticed that I haven't been as present 'round these parts lately. Unfortunately, I wasn't getting better as quickly as I should have been, so I've taken a week off work to rest and recover. However! Today's video is pretty awesome, and will hopefully make up for my absence. If you can't watch it below, check it out here.

Here are this episode's points of interest:

THE MOST IMPORTANT BLENDING RULE OF ALL TIME. SERIOUSLY (0:43). Keeping your tools clean, busting the myth of a million identical brushes, the amazing dry-cleaning technique that stands me in good stead, and avoiding bacteria jamborees.

Technique #1: The windshield wiper (2:01). A technique to blend long stripes of color, like along your crease or under your lower lashline. Featuring an injury PSA.

Technique #2: Small strokes (2:55). How to blend colors into one another to create a gradient effect. Featuring bold eyeshadow and SCIENCE.

Technique #3: Little circles (3:43). How to soften the edges of your eyeshadow without sacrificing the shape. Featuring a great smoky eye and an enthusiastic thumbs up.

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What are your best eyeshadow blending techniques? What videos would you like to see me make next? What house would YOU be sorted into at Hogwarts?