Steal Edie Sedgwick's Mod '60s Style For Halloween

Or just adopt it as your everyday look, which I wholeheartedly recommend.

You all know who Edie Sedgwick is, right? I had to explain to a lot of people who she was while I was working on this tutorial, and I wasn't even sure how to describe her. She was an "it girl" from the '60s who hung out with Andy Warhol, acted in many of his films, and suffered from drug abuse and mental illness. She had a pretty wild life that was cut short when she died of a drug overdose at the tragically young age of 28.

She's also been a very popular style muse for a long time now. She wore dramatic mod eye makeup and flashy, trendy clothes. She cut her long brown hair into a pixie cut and bleached it white blonde, which is basically my exact style evolution minus the elbow-rubbing with Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan.

Many people seem to idolize Edie; I don't know if I would personally go that far. She had an interesting life, but a rough life. She once said: "You live alone, creating your life as you go." This is true, but also somewhat sad. She often seemed very lonely in everything that I read about her, even if she's grinning broadly in almost every picture.

In drawing inspiration from Edie Sedgwick, I tried to forget about her sad ending and instead focus on her youthful, happy spirit and her iconic sense of style. Here's how I recreated her mod '60s look.

You'll mostly just need a really good eyeliner and mascara, as well as a dark powder or pencil to enhance your brows; foundation is optional.

I started with clean, moisturized skin and then applied foundation and concealer to recreate her seemingly flawless face. I'm recovering from the worst cystic acne breakout of my life right now, so foundation and concealer was a necessary step for me.

I then used Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to attempt to cover up some stubborn red spots. If your skin doesn't need full coverage, then by all means, simply use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead to give you a even complexion.

Next up is the eyes. This is the most time-consuming part of the look, especially if you tend to be rather sloppy with eyeliner, like me. First, I lined my upper eyelid with my NYC Liquid Eyeliner, going out slightly from the corners of my eye but not enough to create a full-on cat eye. Make sure to extend the eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes as well.

Then, to really take this eye makeup to Edie's level, I traced another line of eyeliner at my crease, above the first line. This second line goes from the inner corners of the crease to just slightly beyond the lower eyeliner flick.

This was embarrassingly difficult for me, so I don't suggest you attempt this for the first time right before you're heading out for the night. Practice it beforehand with several different products to see what works best for you.

I tried it with gel liner and black eyeshadow, but neither one created a clean enough line. Pencil eyeliner didn't go on smoothly enough for me either. If you like your eye makeup to be smudged (Edie didn't seem to mind it) then by all means use any of those, but for a cleaner line, I definitely suggest using liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliner would probably be your next best bet--just make sure it's not old and dried out so it glides on smoothly.

One other recommendation for the mod eye makeup: Invest $3 in an e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen. It makes the whole process so much faster and easier. If you mess up, instead of smearing eyeliner everywhere with your finger or a makeup wipe, or scrambling to find some Q-tips and makeup remover, you can just swipe away mistakes with this nifty little pen. I love it so much.

The only downside is that it does absorb some of the makeup into its felt tip and can end up depositing said makeup elsewhere the next time you use it. I suggest taking a second to blot the tip on a tissue after every swipe.

Once the hardest part was behind me, I could breathe a sigh of relief and finish up the look with a few final touches. To emphasize my lashes, I used my tiny but hard-working sample of Benefit They're Real! mascara. I recommend Covergirl LashBlast Volume mascara as an excellent drugstore alternative. You could also use false eyelashes if you want to go all out--Edie herself did, calling them "bat wings."

I also made sure to apply mascara to my bottom lashes, and then dotted liquid eyeliner along my lower waterline. Edie often lined her entire bottom waterline with eyeliner, but that irritates my eyes way too much. If you're the same way, simply placing a line of eyeliner dots between your lower lashes is a good way to get a similar look.

The last touch was to darken and exaggerate my brows. I used the darkest brown eyeshadow in my e.l.f. Essential Little Black Beauty Book and an e.l.f. brush to make the inner corners of my eyebrows bigger and to extend the outer corners as well. Then I filled in the rest of my brows.

Be generous with your eyeshadow/pencil when doing your brows; hers were very bold and contrasted perfectly with her blonde pixie. I wonder if she was the person who made the whole dark brows with bleached blonde hair look so popular. If not the FIRST person to do it, she was certainly one of the most influential in my mind.

Speaking of Edie's hair, I appreciated the fact that she seemed pretty low-maintenance about it. In most pictures that I've seen of her, her hair is often messily swept to the sides of her face or tousled on top of her head. That's basically all I can do with my hair right now in its fried state, so that was perfect. Thanks, Edie! I can almost forgive you for your elaborate eye makeup now.

Now let's talk about clothes (yay!).

Edie was just as glamorous and bold with her fashion choices as she was with her makeup. She was often seen in furs, black tights and striped tops, leopard print, lots of dark colors, sparkly jewelry and loud prints. This girl was speaking my language.

It was easy for me to choose one out of my many striped tops and dresses, as well as the black tights that I consider to be a wardrobe staple in the winter (although you can't see those in these pictures).

Add a leopard print coat and you'll be warm all night. A faux fur coat or even a giant feathered boa would do just as well; I was just happy for an excuse to finally wear this coat. I got it from a flea market a year ago. Flea markets, thrift stores, and Etsy are all great places to find an Edie Sedgwick-worthy coat.

Top off your look with the biggest, glitziest jewelry you own and you're all set!

By the way, this is totally random, but am I the only one who can see Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men playing Edie in a movie one day when she's older? She kind of looks like her and also, remember when (SPOILER!) Sally walked in on her dad having sex with his mistress? Well, the exact same thing happened to Edie when she was young. At least we know Kiernan has that sort of scene on lock. Plus, it's bound to be better than Factory Girl, right? Ugh, don't ever watch that.

Oh, and one last thing that I forgot to mention: SEXY EYELINER MOLE. Dab that on, grab your fur coat, and prepare for people to write songs about you.

If anyone does this look for Halloween or just for a normal Thursday night (and why wouldn't you--this look is everything), I better see a picture!