COTW: Backwards Hair Washing, Jail-Grade Eyeliner & Snow Nails!

You all never cease to amaze me.
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October 11, 2014
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This week has been a bit of a bummer for me. But then, like magic, the first snow arrived right when I needed it. That, and Tamara’s cute and simple nail art tutorial, got my gears turning to do a minimalist, snow-themed manicure. I’m not generally a manicure type of lady, but I definitely underestimated how relaxing it is to take a moment to focus on a solely indulgent task.

But back to you guys, because these are YOUR Comments Of The Week:

  • Sarah's post on a NASA-grade magnifying mirror had me obsessing in my own mirror. Thanks to "Caddiewoodlawn" for pointing out the drawbacks of such an advanced looking glass.

"When I use magnifying mirrors I do the exact opposite of what I was supposed to do. Trying to pluck on errant brow? Oh, just go ahead and pull 30 more because they don't line up with each other EXACTLY. Want to conceal some hyperpigmentation? Yep, the half hour of detail work you're doing on that millimeter of skin is DEFINITELY looking normal."--"Caddiewoodlawn"

"Man, I wish people would stop assuming that something is better because it is expensive and worse because it is cheap."--"realtalk"

"When you shower, condition first, shampoo last. You can use tons and tons of conditioner, root to tip, really soften up and nourish that hair. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes in the shower steam. Rinse, then use a gentle shampoo and focus it on the roots. I used to *have* to shampoo every day, but this technique made such a difference to my thin hair that I can actually see the line of demarcation where I started doing it. Now my hair is super healthy and I'm down to conditioning/shampooing once every 4-5 days."--"Kay Ann"

  • Alle’s article busting 8 BS beauty "rules" was a twofer: it broke down dumb rules and it showed how foxy it is to break them. “Lady Gray” may have coined a term for uppity boring people in the comments.

"...I, for one, will not wait until I'm an old lady to wear purple. Or cut my hair. Or stop buying weird things from F21. Or not let my kids wear pink and purple because they're boys. Or not buy them Monster High dolls. Or not let them pick my eye shadow colors. I live in a tiny town in Maine, and I'm blown away by all the rules for women up here, probably left over from the f***ng pilgrims. I secretly call some of the more stern, sad looking folks up here pilgrims. Just, you know, quietly, to myself. And then I put on more orange lipstick and cackle my way home."--"Lady Gray"

What a week! Did anyone else lose their mind over Megan’s super simple soup recipe? I fully plan to make it this weekend. Good skin is healthy skin--and feeding your face to, uh, feed your face makes absolute sense to me.

Now I’m going to go back to stressing myself out about a Halloween costume, thanks. But not before I give a time-warp shout-out to commenter “Cthuhulia,” who dispensed a very important--jailhouse-tested--eyeliner recommendation on Sarah's 24-hour makeup story.

“The MAC Liquidlast liner will seriously Not. Budge. Nor. Smudge. One. Millimeter. For three days. Source: 3 days in jail; other inmates asked if my eyeliner was tattooed on.Edit: Well this is the most upvoted comment I've ever made. The next obvious step is to go to jail again and bring back more jailhouse beauty wisdom!”--“Cthuhulia”

But seriously, all you Betties stay out of trouble this weekend! Tell me your Halloween costume plans in the comments. And show me you nail art while you're at it!