Smoky Brows are a Thing, and This is How to Get Them

If you haven't tweezed your brows in the longest, this technique will look especially good on you.
Publish date:
February 26, 2016

Looking back, the year 2015 was full of brow trends. There was the full Cara Delevingne-esque brow, the youthful Korean straight brow (Mari did an excellent tutorial back in 2013 because she's always ahead of the game) and, of course, the very photogenic ombre Instagram brow. As someone who grew up in the '90s, when the predominant brow trend was skinny sperm brows, I was overwhelmed by all the options.

Well, according to Cosmpolitan UK, there's another trend we should all be looking out for: the smoky brow. In contrast to the super-precise, perfectly curved brows that we're used to, the smoky brow is softer and smudgier in shape and can be particularly flattering on those with sparse brows like myself.

But it's not completely new. Celebs like actress Sofia Vergara and model Gigi Hadid have already been pulling them off all along. D'oh.

As someone who takes longer than she'd like on her brow routine, I am intrigued by the smoky brow trend. Since it's a softer shape, it looks more doable/less time-consuming than the angled shape I'm used to creating. So, of course, I had to try it out.

What I'm Using

If you haven't tweezed your brows in the longest, I think this technique will look especially good on you. The extra hairs help give the smoky brow an effortless, I-don't-have-time-to-tweeze-because-I'm-really-busy-doing-awesome-stuff look to it.

The Finished Look

On my round face, smoky brows are quite statement-making and bold-looking. Although I don't think I will be giving up my current brow technique for them just yet, I foresee myself going for the smoky brow when I'm really in a rush to do my makeup and want my brows to be the main focus.