6 Beauty Faux Pas That Are Actually No Big Deal

So your roots are showing. HOT.

The day my mom taught me how to shave my legs, I realized something: being a member of the fairer sex can be insanely high maintenance.

The things I needed to “take care of” began to pile up from there--tweezing, waxing, scrubbing, dyeing, the list goes on... For the majority of my teenage years I participated in these beauty rituals religiously, assuming that abandoning them would make me an outcast, a less “perfect” version of my formerly hairless, polished self. Inevitably, though, something got in the way of my obsessive compulsive habits: life.

As I began to slip out of my "good habits," I realized that a lot of the things I’d stopped doing were of little consequence. Even better: some of my beauty faux pas were kind of hip. I guess you call it lazy girl style, a way to challenge the status quo.

1. Roots On Roots On Roots

Not long ago, visible roots had a reputation for looking a little...dirty? It was like telling the world, “I’m letting myself go but I’m pretty sure no one can tell.” Today that nonchalant attitude is straight cool. It’s like everyone’s looking at you and wondering what kept you from doing your roots last night. Was she playing a punk concert? Having an amazing one night stand? All of the above?

2. Caveman Brows

It’s been said a thousand times, but I’ll make it a thousand and one. Thanks to British model Cara Delevingne, bushy, unkempt brows are a thing. So instead of scanning my brows nightly for stray hairs, I collapse into my bed and beg the gods to send me even more hairs. I've even bought brow growth serums.

3. Food-Faded Lipstick

Guess what, guys? We no longer have to do battle with sandwiches! No more shall I feel resentment toward that lipstick-stained bread. Worn-away lip color is basically just-kissed lip color.

4. Puffy Bedhead

Until I went platinum blonde, my strands were pathetically thin and flat, even moments after waking up. I've traded that in for boatloads of bleaching damage and I now wake up with the sloppiest, frizziest, puffiest mess you can imagine. Unappealing? I beg to differ. For smooth volume, I slather on hair oil. A spritz of texture spray enhances my bedhead and makes it look purposeful. And I’m especially loving updos at the moment, because no matter what I do it looks loose and carefree.

5. Sloppy Eyeliner

Promise you won’t ring the beauty police? I’ve got a confession: I’ve been sleeping in my eyeliner. Before you freak out, know that I remove every last trace of my face makeup before I doze off. You see, I’ve recently perfected a two-day eye makeup system that every lazy lady should know about. On day one I trace on a flawless cat-eye. The next morning--after sleeping in a super safe, sensitive eyeliner, of course--I take a Q-tip and smudge the remaining liner into a subtle smoky eye.

6. Getting (Or Staying) Pale

As often as dermatologists and scientists warn against it, tons of people still sunbathe sans protection. Personally, I always try to remind myself how much more beautiful I’ll feel when I’m 50 and don’t look like a leather handbag (and am skin cancer-free). That thought keeps me slathering on the sunscreen. Oh, and finding a fantastic self-tanner doesn't hurt, either.

What beauty maintenance do you purposefully slack on?