Can You Answer A Few Questions For Us?

We really, really, really appreciate it!
Publish date:
July 11, 2013
shopping, hair, makeup, nails, surveys

You guys know that our number one priority at xoVain is to give you a totally honest and personal take on all things beauty. Part of this is to recommend products we love, and which hope you will love, too. We also tell you when we don't love stuff.

But one little thing we've noticed is that the product pages (where we actually feature the shiny, pretty products) have not been super-popular in terms of you clicking on them.

So we are thinking of ways we can make it easier for you to buy the products you're interested in and wanted to ask if you would kindly answer our 10-question survey here to help us figure it out. You'll get a better site experience (how technical) and we can make money off the product sales (yay, capitalism).

We really thank you so much in advance for doing this and will reward you with a great selection of products at great prices--and also our undying affection, if that counts for anything.