The 3 Self-Care Practices I Didn't Give Up When I Had The Stomach Flu

Turns out I don't really care about being pretty when I'm barfing.
Publish date:
February 28, 2014
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So I was really sick this past weekend and early this week. Like, at its worst, couldn't-drink-water-without-throwing-it-up sick. I know, eughhhh. I don't really know what caused it other than something is apparently going around and leaving puke-y, weakened bodies in its wake.

It was really crappy. I couldn't get any work done, I slept pretty much all-day, every day, and even the thought of my favourite food, tacos, would leave me groaning in misery. I felt, to put it simply, gross.

I think I might have brushed my hair once. I definitely didn't take time to wash my face, and I didn't even come close to putting on body lotion after getting out of the bath--something I usually do every day. I did kind of, sort of maintain some semblance of self-care during the whole debacle, though.

For one thing, I bathed every day. I mean, come on, I'm not a monster. Most of the time, it was a bath where I just sat there, bleary-eyed, before eventually making use of the soap.

At one point, I did shower, but I wasn't really into the whole "standing up" part of it, and when I attempted to wash my hair it was more of a "place dollop of shampoo on top of head and then let the water rinse it off." There was no lathering. Running my hands through my now properly washed, post-illness hair is feeling pretty heavenly, I've gotta say.

I also tried to maintain my dental hygiene. Throwing up leaves your mouth feeling horrific, so I made sure to floss and brush regularly in the hopes of feeling less disgusting than I very clearly was. I also started gargling with salt water later in the sickness because I developed a stupid ulcer on my tongue. Sorry if this is supremely unsexy--I'm just bein' real.

Around day three, I looked in the mirror for the first time since getting sick and realized my skin had gone to hell. I was dehydrated and malnourished from living off a diet of ginger ale and toast, and my face was seeking revenge.

Upon noticing this, I lazily swiped a cotton ball squirted with ARCONA's The Solution Repair PM serum across my face and feebly hoped for the best. This stuff is what I turn to when I need to kickstart my skin into rejuvenation, thanks to its glycolic-acid-infused formula. Man do I love glycolic acid.

The next morning the gross bumps on my chin and around my mouth had shrunk, but I was still seeing some irritation and majorly clogged nose pores.

Since a few days had passed since I first got sick, I was starting to come around and felt up to applying a face mask. My tried and true Eve Lom Rescue Mask came into play, which truly lives up to its name. It's for those times when your skin is flipping out; if your skin were a person, it would be throwing plates at the wall before falling into a heap on the floor and sobbing. That's where Rescue Mask comes it.

It has a strong, sulfur-y scent that isn't the greatest, but its cooling touch (from the camphor) eases any irritation, while the other soothing ingredients, like kaolin and honey, sink into your pores to absorb gunk and leave you even-toned and free of puffiness.

Now that I seem to be on the mend, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, beauty-wise. I've missed wearing perfume. I forget what putting on lipstick feels like. My appetite still isn't great--sweet foods are particularly off-putting right now--so my sweetly scented lotions will have to take a break for awhile. But other than that, I'm back to normal.

And I want tacos. Give me all the tacos.