How to Recreate Sarah Gadon's Classic Beauty Look from the 11.22.63 Premiere

Her glam squad tells all!
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February 17, 2016
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When it comes to red carpet beauty, you can’t go wrong with a cat eye and a red lip — and actress Sarah Gadon‘s look Thursday night at the premiere of 11.22.63 proved just that. But as simple as the classic look may seem, it’s not foolproof — which is why her glam squad shared their secrets.

“We wanted to do something really classy with a little bit of a retro feel,” Gadon’s makeup artist, Kindra Mann, tells PeopleStyle exclusively of the look. “Sarah wanted to try a nice cat eye because it’s something she hasn’t worn on the red carpet before.”

In order to make the lip last all night, Mann shares that it’s all in the formula — and the skill.

“We wanted it to be sort of a stained look instead of solid color,” she explains. “We applied the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer in #502 and then blotted it off on a tissue, and then repeated the process to achieve more of that natural lived in lip color look.”

And the secret to her perfect cat eye, which she created using the Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Eyeliner, is keeping your eyes open.

“I actually like for the person to keep their eyes open while I’m tracing the outside of the wing. That way I can get a really good look at exactly the precise placement of the flick. I also like to start from the outside of the eye and build towards the center.”

As for her hair, hairstylist Marcus Francis created piecey, textured waves to give the look a modern feel.

“Since Sarah’s character in 11.22.63 is set in the sixties, I wanted to have the hair not feel to set or done, like that of the period in which the story takes place,” he says of the style. “I felt her hair should have a more relaxed yet finished feel to it.”

After smoothing serum throughout Gadon’s hair, Francis applied a dollop of mousse from roots to ends and blew her hair straight. Then, he created relaxed waves with a flat iron, rotating his wrist from left to right as he slid down the strands, and tousled it to give it a lived-in look.

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