Rodebjer’s Runway Beauty In Less Than 10 Minutes

It's supposed to look effortless, so it might as well be.

Last week, Rodebjer sent an "effortless beauty" look down the
catwalk. Effortless beauty is a thing, I guess, and it actually takes a lot of

Except this look will only take you about 10 minutes!

The woman who wears this look is too
cool to care about how perfect her makeup looks. She has too much fun and knows
she’s hot. (Does she? I hope she does. I’m making this up.)

This is supposed to look like you
just rolled out of bed and applied makeup half asleep on top of last night’s
makeup. You may be hungover and are getting ready to meet your friends up for
some late brunch.

And the hair is basically a really
chic comb-over. It’s perfect, really! I don’t know why I don’t wear my hair
like this more often. Chic comb-overs are IN, people. You
heard it here first.


Models walked down the runway with
clean and natural-looking skin. I moisturized and used Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream--which provides lightweight, medium coverage, to even out the skin, and
Kevyn Aucoin concealer to cover up any blemishes.

I then applied a small amount of MAC blush in Mocha on the apples of the cheeks.

For the eyes, brown eyeshadow and
brown eyeliner were used on the lids and below the eyes.

I first used a warm, dark brown
eye shadow on the lids and under the eyes using a stiff, flat brush.

After applying the shadow, I used
a brown pencil liner to heavily line the waterline, as well as the top lashes.

I then blended the liner and eyeshadow together with my index finger. I also went back and blended with some Q-tips along the bottom lash line. I worked with the liner and my
index finger to get the right shade of dark, gritty brown.

On the lashes, I used a lot of
mascara. I tried to build up a night’s worth and a morning’s worth, know what I

I then lightly filled in the
eyebrows with a black pencil liner and brushed them up with a brow brush to
keep them looking natural, but with a bit of color.

The models’ lips were kept very
natural with some shine to them. This
chick didn’t have time to apply some lipstick, so she just used what was in her
purse--probably lip balm. I used a pink tinted lip balm
to finish off the look and a clear gloss on top.


The hair works best with day-(or two-)old hair.

I started by spraying some dry
shampoo to the roots to create some volume. I used Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo,
which is my favorite right now. It doesn’t leave much residue and really soaks
up all that hair grease. It’s the BEST drugstore dry shampoo. Seriously.

After massaging the dry shampoo
into my hair, I then deeply parted the hair and secured it in a tight low
ponytail with some hair covering my ears. This is suppose to be chic, remember?

The models wore a gold ring to
secure their hair, but I don’t have a gold ring lying around, so I used a
scrunchie. A BLUE ONE.

I then pulled part of my bangs out
of the ponytail to create the “comb-over” look.

And you’re done. That was totally
10 minutes!