5 Beauty Products I Didn't Love Until I Repurposed Them

Tempted to toss a disappointing product? You may be able to find another use for it.
Publish date:
August 31, 2015
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Since I spend so much $$$ on makeup (I’m a VIB Rouge somehow), I’m very reluctant to throw my products out—even when they don’t seem to work for me. Instead, I keep them around, usually in the dark corners of my makeup stash, and give them about a year to magically reveal their usefulness before I decide throw them out. Most of the time, though, they end up sentenced to my trash bin.

However, these five products actually found new life in my beauty routine when I found a way to repurpose them.

From brow pomade to liner: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

There’s nothing majorly wrong with this product. It glides on easily, lasts all day and is easy to blend, but I don’t like the finish. As a Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow devotee, I’ve come to prefer a matte, subtle look to my brows, but this product makes my brows look very intense and dark, even when I only use a little bit.

Although I never reach for it when doing my brows, I absolutely love it as a long-lasting cream liner since the intense color and creamy formula make it a dream to work with.

Everyone raves about this product as a shadow primer and base, but I found it to be really difficult to blend. Then one day, I decided to play around with it on my under eye area.

Whenever I apply this pencil in the groove/shadow right below my mini eye bags, my concealer goes on much more smoothly. And since it’s such a cooling white shade, it also brightens my under-eye area without giving me that dramatic Kim Kardashian highlighting effect.

From brow mascara to gray hair hider: Benefit Gimme Brow

I mistakenly purchased this product with the hopes of getting defined brows, but the only thing this product is really good for is coating brow hairs that are very pale, which, of course, includes grays! I know I could probably get away with using a black mascara too, but this deep brown shade is a much better match for my dark brown hair.

From under-eye concealer to body cover-up: Stila Stay All Day Concealer

When used on my oily face, this concealer, although creamy and buildable, doesn’t last all day. Nevertheless, I’m glad I kept this product around because it works well at covering up blemishes on drier areas of my skin. For example, it does a good job of hiding the many mosquito bites currently on my limbs.

Last winter, I was on a quest to find a non-drying cleanser, since a lot of brands claim to be gentle on the skin but actually aren’t. Most of the products I tried were drying, but it killed me to throw them out, so I actually started using them to deep clean my brushes instead. They work really well for eye makeup, powder and blush brushes, but not so much for foundation brushes.

  • What’s products have you repurposed to suit a different need?
  • When do you decide it’s time to toss?