How To Recover From Getting Caught In The Rain

Go from drowned rat to sexy human in just 4 steps.
Publish date:
September 3, 2013
hair, makeup, smoky eyes, vaseline, face wipes, makeup remover, improvising

When you’ve lived in a country that’s either rainy and humid or sunny and humid, you choose to love one type of weather over the other. Of course, if I did control the weather, I’d have it that it’s rainy only when I’m comfortably tucked under my cozy covers in bed.

Unfortunately, despite my rain dances, the weather gods refuse to listen to me. Just last week, my colleague caught me drying my hair in the office bathroom.

It’s not glamorous, but you gotta do what you gotta do. If you get drenched in the rain as often as I do, here’s what you can do to go from looking like a drowned rat to convincingly cute. All you need are wet wipes or makeup remover, cotton swabs, Vaseline and hair gel.


Assess the damage. Start by squeeze as much out of your wet wipe as possible onto a cotton swab so you can remove the messy bits under your eye precisely. If you have makeup remover, even better!

Chances are, something on your face will be running. Mascara is usually the culprit, of course. Instead of wiping your whole face off and starting from scratch, figure out what you need fixed and clean up around those areas instead.


Liner running and mascara all over your lids? No problem. Using your finger (or if you’re fancy, use more cotton swabs), smudge out whatever’s left of your eyeliner and mascara that’s actually on your lids to create a smoky eye!


Chances are, you haven’t brought your whole makeup kit to work. I hope you have Vaseline, at least.

I used Vaseline to groom my brows in place, and dabbed some on my cheeks for some glow, and lips for shine and hydration.


Here’s where you look for that male colleague who looks like he dunks his head into a pot full of grease in the morning. He will have some styling gel.

Comb your hair back to achieve a super-sleek look.

And there you have it! Going from looking like you just went swimming fully dressed to as fab as you possibly can with as little products as possible.