Quick Question: Who Was Your Childhood Beauty Idol?

Remember when we believed we could look like absolutely anyone because we didn't understand how life works? That was cute.
Publish date:
October 4, 2013
Quick Question, hair, childhood, icons, Princess Bride, Robin Wright

Yesterday, when I was running late because I couldn't find my favorite glasses, Live with Kelly & Michael was playing in the background. I overheard Kelly Ripa say that, when she was a kid, she wanted to grow up to look like Pam Grier.

It got a laugh because Kelly's a white woman with straight, blonde hair, but she reminded the audience that, when we were little, anything was possible.

We were wrong, of course, but what a great delusion!

I had my own impossible beauty idol: Robin Wright as Buttercup in The Princess Bride. That wavy, blonde, waist-length hair; those blue eyes; that bone structure! At one point, Westley even says she has perfect breasts, which probably went over my head the first 15 times I saw it.

I actually preferred farm-girl Buttercup's look over Princess Buttercup's look, and I still do.

I wore my hair down to my butt for most of my childhood, but alas, it never turned blonde, and my eyes stayed brown.

So how about you? Quick Question: Who was your childhood beauty idol?