How I Keep My Ever-Changing Combination Skin Under Control

We can equip ourselves with as much knowledge as possible and know that, in some cases, using different products on different parts of your face can make all the difference.

all have a skin type, but it's not always so clear what that type is. We can be dry in the cheeks but oily on the nose, oily on our foreheads
but dry everywhere else, and so on. Our skin can and will change
over time, even with the seasons.

I have extremely dry skin in the winter and unpredictable skin in the summer. I
can go six months with no breakouts, then get painful cystic acne and dry patches for
months on end.

The best we can do is equip ourselves with as much knowledge as
possible and know that, in some cases, using different products on different
parts of your face can make all the difference.


important that you moisturize no matter what type of skin you have. It may
sound counter intuitive to use a moisturizing product if you have oily skin, but
you can actually benefit from one just as much as someone with dry skin.

Other skin-drying products you may use (foundation, powder, etc.) can cause your skin to
start producing even more oil to balance it out. Using a gel-based moisturizer will work best on oily parts of your face.

any dry areas, a cream, lotion, or even oil can be more beneficial. When my
skin tends to flake or feels tighter than normal, I will use a hydrating serum, which penetrates more deeply, then use a cream moisturizer like Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme.


primer, like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, will create a smooth layer over your skin that will ensure the best
possible application of your foundation and other color products. It will also
control oil without drying your skin. This ensures you'll also get the longest
wear out of your daily makeup.


exfoliating should only be done once every week or so, it's super-important
to do. It gets rid of any old or dry skin and reveals a nice layer of new skin.
It also helps unclog and minimize pores, get rids of unwanted texture and clear
any dirt or bacteria that could be plotting to cause acne.

Be sure not to
exfoliate too much which could cause dryness, redness and irritation or


a foundation, concealer, or powder that works with your skin type is imperative. I can't tell you how many types I've tried
over the years only to just recently find a few that work for me.

a common misconception that a liquid foundation will only make oily skin more
oily. Even though you may think of it as moisturizing, that's not always the
case just because it's liquid.

If you have dry skin, a matte
foundation is only going to make it drier. A satin foundation is usually good
for someone with combination skin because it has a natural finish, while a matte
foundation can look beautiful and smooth if you have combo-to-oily skin. I personally love Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation.

This applies for concealer, too! If you get dry just under your eyes but are normal on the
rest of your face you may want to use a concealer with a dewy finish but a
satin finish foundation.

of us can use a foundation by itself and be all set while some of us may want
to add a powder. If you love a dewy look but
are worried about getting oily in certain spots, blotting a bit of powder on just that area can help; it's not always necessary to apply all over your face. If
you only produce a little oil, a lighter mineral powder may work for you.
However, if you feel like the shine never ends you may want to get a heavier, drier powder.

Be sure before buying
any expensive products that you know what type of skin they are best for and
what type of finish they may have. Something that works for your best friend or
a popular YouTuber may not work for you. Also, brands have different products
for this very reason. If you've used something from one brand and hated it,
don't discount the rest of their products.

What's been the most difficult product for you to find for your skin type? Let's get the recommendations going in the comments!