5 Pretty Things On The Internet: Madeline's Out Of Town Edition

I'm taking over for our resident Internet surfer this week!
Publish date:
August 21, 2013
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I may not be as young as Madeline, but I'm plenty Internet-savvy. I even remember my early-'90s Prodigy-assigned screenname: HNXD84C. So I think I'm totally qualified to tell you guys about the pretty stuff that's out there on the web this week while she's away for a few days.

  • Benefit is putting pink, truck-shaped vending machines in 25 airports, so if you forgot your Benetint (or any of their best-selling products) at home, you can just pick it up at the gate! YAY!


  • If you're the kinda gal who switches from barely-there balms to bold lips come fall, you must see this round-up of amazing lip colors. I'm impatient--and besides, I wear bold lips all year-round--so I gave one of them a try: Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb! The exclamation point is part of the name! Why are we shouting?!

    It contains the same plumping ingredients as their famous Lip Injection glosses, but with buildable, fruity-scented color. I went with Eastwood Red, even though Clint and I haven't been on speaking terms since the empty-chair incident (or ever).


  • Asymmetrical pixie pompadour whaaaaaaaaat!


  • Michelle Phan: If you don't already know who this YouTube makeup talent is, you undoubtedly will now, because she's come out with her own makeup line.


  • Yesterday, I got recognized in public by a reader for the first time (so surreal!) and I was bummed that my hair was in a lazy top knot when it happened. But you know what? This celebrity top knot gallery is making me feel way better.


OK, how'd I do? Think I made Madeline proud?