Beauty Vloggers Are Taking Over YouTube... And Quite Possibly The World

When these ladies aren't busy swimming Scrooge McDuck-style in pre-roll ad money, they're making some of the most popular videos on the internet. Are you paying attention?
Publish date:
May 13, 2014
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Last summer, I did a video review of the Air Curler in my poorly lit apartment. (I have only one window, OK?) To my surprise, it became the second most watched video on our YouTube channel, with almost 30,000 views to date.

With that many views, of course, comes criticism, a lot of which echoed this comment:

It's pretty hard to copy someone you've never heard of, but apparently I had achieved exactly that.

I clicked through on the username mentioned in the comment, and it turns out grav3yardgirl is a really funny gal named Bunny Meyer who regularly reviews beauty products on her YouTube channel; and while she in no way claims to be the only person who posts beauty-product reviews, some of her subscribers seem to feel she is (or at least should be).

Some of her 2.6 million subscribers.

Her massive--and, in some cases, oversensitive and accusatory--following is a reflection of something the Wall Street Journal recently touched on: that, to quote their article title, "Beauty is a Monster Category on YouTube, and it’s Still Growing."

If you think 2.6 million subscribers is a lot, then your mind will be blown to bits when you learn that Michelle Phan has more than six million. But there's a decent chance you already knew that because Michelle--who is signed with one of the world's biggest production companies, Endemol--is one of the featured personalities in YouTube's new advertising campaign, which spans everything from subway banners to TV commercials, ironically.

It's ironic, you see, because YouTube is actually trying to take a chunk out of TV ad revenue.

"These women draw in Millennials, particularly young women, in droves, data shows," Mike Shields writes. (I guess that's why I hadn't heard of grav3yardgirl: I was born firmly at the tail-end of Generation X.) "And that’s a key part of YouTube’s sales pitch to advertisers and its effort to steal ad dollars from cable TV this year. Whether brands can wrap their heads around this sort of non-traditional content will be key to that endeavor."

Other high-viewership beauty YouTubers include Zoella, missglamorazzi, and CutiePieMarzia, who the Wall Street Journal reports is rumored to be dating YouTube's most-subscribed content creator, PewDiePie, which seems like a weird thing for the Wall Street Journal to report on.

So, do you guys subscribe to any of these YouTube beauty vloggers? Who do you like best and why? Is television dead?!