Pacific Mall: The Main Reason Beauty Enthusiasts Should Visit Toronto

Your new favourite beauty import is probably waiting for you within the labyrinth that is "North America's largest Chinese mall."

Pacific Mall, or Pmall, is my favourite place to shop for beauty
supplies. The cramped rows of stalls provide a seemingly never-ending stream of
new products to shop through, and the prices are better than anywhere in
downtown Toronto. Deborah Lippmann may be $30 with tax at Holt Renfrew, but at
Pmall, they're sold for as low as $15. True, I probably spent the extra 15
dollars on the gas to get there, but that's just another reason to stock up, right?

My friend Brianne and I recently braved the half-hour drive
to go shopping and ended up having the best day. We got
horribly lost on the way there (multiple times), then got lost for ages inside
the mall, too.

We drank yummy bubble tea, ate so many noodles, and a
guy even sent his friend over with cups of soy milk and say "complements of the
gentleman in the black hat over there"--not cocktails, not even bubble tea,
but soy milk, and more importantly, soy milk that is given out to everyone free
with their meal. We didn't drink it, but the gesture was sort of amazing.

importantly, though, we sifted through amazing foreign beauty supplies for

From miscellaneous beauty shops filled with the prettiest hair-cutting scissors and sponges you've ever seen, to extremely curated branded
stores like Tony Moly and Holika Holika, Pmall has it all.

I usually hold back with my spending as best as I can when I
take a day trip there, but since I've been working two jobs nonstop this
holiday season, I decided to treat myself a bit more than usual.

I came home
with so many amazing, wonderful things.

I hit up Holika Holika first because I love their magical witch
aesthetic and they have an amazing assortment of tea scented face masks. After
a lot of contemplation, I settled on a milk tea mask, a lavender tea mask, and
the most glittery gorgeous iridescent blue opal nail polish (sold in a
container that looks like a precious gem).

At Tony Moly, I followed Mari's always on-point advice and
bought an amazing lavender blush. It looks so cute and magical on my cheeks, I
am a little bit addicted. It only cost $9, so I also bought a little powder
puff with a bow, and a peach hand cream sold in a peach, because how could I

Then I found strawberry foam hair rollers like the ones Madeline wrote about on xoJane. How could I not?

Then there were the hair clips... And that other nail polish...
But it was gold and so glittery and only two dollars! So you know... HOW COULD I NOT?!

Where do you go to spend all your hard earned money on beauty