I Tested 4 of the Weirdest Pinterest Beauty Hacks to See What Really Works

Red lipstick under the eyes, tape-guided cat eyes, fuller lips from striped liner, and a static-fighting dryer sheet on your brush: guess which one of these was a fail.
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September 2, 2015
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Pinterest is a magical e-land full of mug-sized cakes and "easy" manicures and change-your-life hacks and, of course, "insider beauty tricks" that OMG TOTALLY WORK.

But do they?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

Now, I've done my share of Pinterest testing. I've attempted to turbo-whiten my teeth by brushing with activated charcoal for an entire week (debatable fail), used a rice flour paste to fade acne-related hyperpigmentation, and have DIYed it up every chance I get.

Today, I'm testing out four wacky Pinterest beauty hacks to see if they live up to the hype.

Red Lipstick to Brighten the Under-Eye Area

Apparently, if you apply red lipstick under your eyes, blend, and then apply your normal concealer or foundation, it eliminates dark circles and provides a brightening effect.

At first, I found this trick absolutely bizarre and was therefore skeptical, but after further thought, it made sense. Blue and green are across from red and orange on the color wheel, so if you apply color-correcting methodology, the two should balance each other out.

Verdict: IT WORKS.

Tape For a Perfect Cat Eye

This has to be one of the most perpetuated Pinterest beauty hacks, but before this, I hadn't actually tried it. I'm sure you all know the drill: apply tape, draw on your cat eye, remove tape and bask in the glory of a perfect cat eye.

As you can see, this trick actually does work, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

First, you want to make sure you get the angle equal on both eyes, otherwise you're going to have lopsided cat eyes.

Second, the tape only works for the bottom portion of the liner (unless you are really skilled at applying the tape on top, too), so you'll still need some liner-applying skills to get the rest of the eye right. Practice makes perfect, though, darlings.

Verdict: IT WORKS.

Drawn-On Lines for a Plumper Pout

Contouring rages on, and no body part has been spared. That includes your lips. As you know, there are numerous techniques out there that promise fuller lips: shimmer in the bottom center of your lip, shadowing underneath the bottom lip, the horrible, horrible shotglass trick, and then this strange-looking technique.

You're supposed to outline your lips with a nude liner, then draw more-or-less vertical lines as pictured above. From there, you blend it out and then apply a gloss or sheer lipstick on top.

I mean... OK. I can't really tell that much of a different, and the effects don't really last through dinner. I'd rather just forgo the weird line drawing routine, throw on my favorite color and call it a day.

Verdict: Meh.

Dryer Sheet on Your Hair Brush

I was pretty intrigued by this trick but was so sure it wasn't going to work.


The how-to is straightforward enough: place a dryer sheet on your hair brush—you'll have to push the bristles through—and then brush your hair per normal.

Above, I brushed my hair sans dryer sheet and with the same brush just before snapping the picture.

There's totally a difference, right? Was not expecting that at all.

Verdict: IT WORKS.

  • Which beauty hacks have you tried?
  • Any you were skeptical of that blew your mind?
  • Any that were a complete waste of product and time?