Perfect365 Makes Me Feel Bad About My Face

If wiping off my makeup at the end of the day made as drastic a difference as this app did, I would struggle to look in the mirror to even apply it.
Publish date:
January 20, 2014
self esteem, technology, apps, makeovers, perfect365

I've never been one of those girls who can admire herself in the mirror for hours on end. While I'm not physically repulsed by
my own reflection, I'm also not enamoured by it. It's easier for me to notice
my flaws than to praise my pretty parts.

Occasionally, however, somebody or something comes along
that can really make you feel totally crappy about the way you look. Recently,
for me, that thing was Perfect365, the makeover app that has become a bit of a thing lately.

When I first downloaded the app, I was amazed by it. I could
subtly change my eye colour! My skin could be smooth and splotch-free!
Everything was happening!

When you first take a picture of yourself (or upload
one), you must align the key points to match the correct features. After this,
you can alter your makeup, eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, cheekbones and more. The
possibilities are sort of endless.

It is truly the best makeover app I have ever
used on my phone. The changes are generally good enough to make you look
substantially better-looking, yet subtle enough to not look comical (unless you want that).

The problem with the app is that you can switch between the
original picture and the edited one in a quick click. If you've ever looked at
yourself in a regular mirror followed by those super-magnifying mirrors in
quick succession, the feeling is quite similar.

When I wear makeup, I can
notice slight differences, but I have never known of a concealer that could completely
erase all of my under-eye issues, or a highlighter that could physically
lift my cheekbones. Makeup can only do so much and, while this fact is
sometimes frustrating to me (especially after a spectacularly expensive
purchase fails to make me look like the actress in the Photoshopped advert), in
the long run, it is much better for my self-esteem.

If wiping off my makeup at
the end of the day made as drastic a difference as the Perfect365 app did, I
would struggle to look in the mirror to even apply it.

So yes, Perfect365 is an amazing app that makes me look like
the supermodel version of myself. But the "before" picture is my
reality, and it's hard not to notice every single flaw when they're so neatly
erased without you even noticing they existed beforehand.

Let me give you an example:

I know what you're thinking: Which is the "before" and
which is the "after" picture? Just kidding.

As you can see, the comparison can
hurt the ego a bit. So if you're going to download or use this app, do so with
caution. As I said, it's a really well-designed app. The undesirable emotions
are just a side effect that some may experience.