Orphan Black Beauty: Two Clones, Two Completely Different Looks

Awesome hair and makeup, whether you're a good clone or a bad clone.

I love an evil twin. Truly. I think the idea of an identical (or near-identical) duplicate of yourself doing dreadful stuff is awesome. After the unreliable narrator, a main character times two is one of my favourite literary conventions.

A lot of my favourite TV shows feature the good twin/bad twin trope, even when the characters aren’t specifically twins. Elena and Katherine from Vampire Diaries are supernatural doppelgängers. Olivia and Fauxlivia from Fringe are the same person from different universes. Samantha and Serena from Bewitched are cousins.

And Sara, Beth, Alison, Helena, Cosima, Katja, Rachel and etcetera (there are 11 so far) from Orphan Black are clones--sorry, "genetic identicals."

Orphan Black is one of my favourite new shows. Not only am I in awe of how Tatiana Maslany has created so many distinct characters (some of whom occasionally impersonate others), I’m blown away by how the makeup department has used hair and makeup to immediately SHOW us how different all these clones--women with the same faces, yet very different histories--truly are.

To celebrate season 2, which returns to BBC America on April 19, I decided to split in half and become two very different versions of myself: Good Clone Alle and Bad Clone Alle, as inspired by the show (and evil twins everywhere).


This look was inspired by Clone Alison Hendrix: soccer mum, hot glue enthusiast, murderer (or at least manslaughter-er).

OK, so maybe she’s not all that good, but her look is pure high-strung perfection. Like Betty Draper in a minivan, afraid for her life.

The Hair

Alison’s hair is long and straight, with feathered bangs. I figured I could do better than that, so I parted my hair slightly to one side, then combed some of my hair forward from the crown to cover my bangs. I swooped it to the side, then pinned it by my ear.

The rest of my hair was blown out and sleek. I curled it under at the ends with my flat iron, flipping my wrist in so that the hair made a “J” shape, then brushing it all out.

I finished it with a headband that matched my cardigan for that extra Stepford effect. I'm not exactly the puffy vest type.

The Makeup

Anyone who watches TV knows that the good twin wears very minimal makeup, and the bad twin wears a lot more. Obviously, the same rule applies to clones, especially when said clone is driving her kids to soccer practice all the time.

I started, as always, by perfecting my skin. I used light foundation and concealer and finished everything off with a dusting of powder.

I applied a really pale pink blush to my cheekbones and blended well, just for a little bit of colour. This is Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface, which is very subtle, matte and pretty.

I kept the eyes simple, mostly taking inspiration and advice from my friends who are busy mums themselves. Even if they aren’t uncovering horrifying conspiracies, they don’t have a tonne of time to do their makeup!

I started by applying Buzz eyeshadow, a shimmery cool pink, from the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette all over my mobile lid, blending well. I then applied Trick, a sparkly bronze from the same palette, right in the middle to create some dimension.

Instead of eyeliner, I lined around my eyes with dark brown matte eyeshadow, using a brush dampened with contact solution for extra staying power. I lined my waterline with white eyeliner to make my eyes look alert and awake--maybe too alert--and highlighted around my tear duct with shimmery champagne eyeshadow.

I used a dark brown, matte eyeshadow to make my brows thicker and straighter. Good girls have straight brows, guys. TV said so.

Two coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes, and I was done!

For the lips, I applied some coral lipstick--Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Shocking Cora--overtop some clear lip balm. This softened the colour and made it look more natural.

Two strings of pearls and a glass of wine (or six), and I’m done! Let’s see Good Clone Alle!

It’s a very pink-intensive look, but it works.

Good Clone Alle might not have the best marriage, but man, can she pull off a dramatic brow.


This clone was inspired by Sarah Manning: con artist, thief and tough girl with a soft spot for her daughter and foster brother.

So maybe she's not totally bad, either. Sarah’s look is about as far away from mine as it’s possible to be--somewhere between “undone” and “unwashed rockstar.” But never let it be said I’m not up for a challenge.

The Hair

I deep-parted my hair to one side and flipped it over, teasing my bangs up and into the rest of the hair. I know, the Evil Twin usually has bangs (or a beard), but I live to stand convention on it’s head!

On the “little” side of my deep part, I French-braided my hair back so that I had a half-shaved look without the commitment. My first try yielded a braid that was way too perfect, so I did it again, making sure to pull different sized sections of hair into the plait as I went.

When I ran out of hair to add from my scalp, I just braided it down like a pigtail, then pinned it behind the long section of my hair with three bobby pins.

My hair was slightly dirty when I shot this, which I liked because it gave me more of an undone look. A 2-inch curling iron gave my hair some extra wave and bigness. Bad Clone Alle might be trouble, but she still wants to look good.

I brushed out the waves, lightly teased the lengths to make it look messier, then finished everything with a blast of hairspray. As always, I cannot go past TIGI Bed Head Hard Head as it is the very best hairspray forever.

Here is the finished hair.

I imagine this would look even better if your hair was longer. Don’t forget to add ratty blonde streaks for a pre-faked-death look.

The Makeup

Bad Clone is rocking a dirty-sexy makeup look--intentionally smudgy, dark and rebellious, but still hot as hell. Like you maybe just had time to do your makeup in the bathroom at a bar, and it’s not perfect but WHATEVER.

First, start with perfect skin. Even if you’re stealing someone else’s life (or running for yours), you still want to look radiant. Light foundation and concealer are essential--I skipped powder altogether, because a little bit of oil is very dirty-sexy.

Instead of blush, I contoured my cheekbones to make them even more prominent. My method for this is always a narrow brush, light brown eyeshadow a couple shades darker than my skin--MAC Eye Shadow in Wedge is my go-to--apply underneath my cheekbone like a swoosh, then BLEND LIKE CRAZY.

This is the only contouring I’m doing, because Bad Clone Alle doesn’t care enough to Kardashian-ise her entire face. She has important (likely illegal) work to do! I also skipped blush altogether for the same reason, which really changed how I saw my face.

Bad Clone Alle is all about the dramatic eyes, but because I’m really embracing this IDGAF attitude, nothing about this makeup look is going to be exact. As the reigning Queen of Exact, this was quite a departure for me.

I started with a medium brown matte eyeshadow blended roughly all over the mobile lid. I applied it with my finger--you want it to look like you put it on really, really quickly.

Next, run the same brown eyeshadow under your lower lash line from outer edge to your tear duct. Blend a little--again, I used my fingers here. It was freeingly fast.

Now use a very soft, smudgy black eyeliner and line your eyes. I’m talking ALL of your eyes--upper lashline, lower lashline, waterline. Do it big. Get totally nuts.

Instead of waiting for my liner to get smudged with time, I cheated the look with matte black eyeshadow. Put a little on your fingertip and run it around where the liner is. Blend it roughly. You don’t want this to look too precise--you kind of want to look like you’ve slept with your makeup on--but of course, you’d NEVER do that.

I drew my brows in with an angled brush and dark brown eyeshadow, keeping them thin and exaggerating my arch. Bad girls have angular eyebrows; that’s just science.

Two coats of non-waterproof mascara and the eyes are done!

I considered going the traditional bad girl route with red lips--hi, post-makeover Sandy--but decided against it. Bad Clone Alle is too low-maintenance for touch ups. Instead, I stuck with a single swipe of Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for a little colour.

Are you ready to see Bad Clone Alle? Because even though she was hard to put together, I really like her.

You may also notice I switched out my diamond stud for a hoop; I thought this was more true to character.

Wear with your best beat-up jacket and cage bra as you impersonate your duplicate/s and try to solve the mystery of your existence!

So which of these looks do you prefer? Are you a good clone or a bad clone?

Or maybe...you’re an EVIL MURDEROUS CLONE?

How many of us are there?

Are you guys as obsessed with Orphan Black as I am? Which clone’s beauty look is your favourite so far? What other shows featuring good and evil twins (even if they aren’t twins exactly) do you guys love?