Get It Together, Girl: Helpful Tips For Organizing Your Beauty Products

Because yes, Caboodles are still a thing.
Publish date:
July 25, 2013
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I'm what some might call a crusader for product organization. In general, I'm a pretty messy person and have a hard time keeping track of things. But my products? Oh, I know where they are, because my storage game is ON. POINT.

Even before I was a beauty writer, my product cup runneth over (wait, what is the past tense for runneth? Runneth'd? ANYWAY...) and I was constantly trying to figure out ways to keep everything sorted. Then I started getting product sent to me to try out for free, and the concept of keeping everything in place became an absolute necessity. When I'm doing tutorials, I need to know exactly where my mascaras, blushes and liners are located so that I can quickly track them down to use and photograph for you, the lovely people of xoVain.

Thus, my quest for a perfectly organized beauty collection began, and now I feel I'm a bit of an expert. I'm here to share my favourite items for keeping everything in line, because I really don't want to think of anyone going another day with a dumpy, dirty cosmetic bag full of eyeliner scrapings and crushed powder blush debris. You deserve better! So let's begin.

For Skincare & Haircare Bottles: A Standing Caddy

I keep most of my skin and hair essentials that aren't used in the shower in a stainless steel metal caddy next to the tub. I like this method for these products because the distance between the shelves allows for tall, thin bottles (like hairspray, cleanser and toner) to be stood up and grouped together by type.

For example, on the very top I keep my most frequently used skincare products, second shelf is full of haircare goods like dry shampoo and styling products, etc. It keeps these items visible, organized, and easy to grab while still looking tidy. Pretty much any standing shower caddy from Target or HomeGoods will do, but I love the look of this cart from IKEA.

For Your Prettiest Perfumes: A Vintage Tray

I ran out of room on the shelf attached to my medicine cabinet where I had been previously keeping my fragrances, so I took all of my bottles from A Beautiful Life and Demeter (since they have a similar bottle-style) and moved them to a vintage silver tray (that I picked up from a thrift store for under $5) on my bedside table.

I also keep my aromatherapy oils from Tata Harper and 21 Drops there so that they're easily reachable when I need to fall asleep.

For Your Fanciest Lipsticks: Acrylic Lipstick Holders

Some lipstick just comes in the prettiest packaging. I don't want to throw my YSLs and Diors into a drawer when I can put them out on display, which is why I love lipstick holders like these ones from the Container Store for proclaiming "Yes, I do have good taste."

For Your Brushes & Eyeliner Pencils: Highball Drinking Glasses

There are many ways your can choose to store these products, but I like throwing them in fancy-looking cut-crystal drinking glasses. I got mine from IKEA for $3.49 each, and since they're clear I can easily see and grab my eyeliners with ease.

For Pretty Much Everything: A Chest Of Drawers

This is for serious beauty addicts, but I don't know where I'd be without the chest of drawers on wheels that I got at Costco. Each drawer contains a different product type, (top two are lips, then one for lips and cheek products, then three for eyeshadows, mascaras and lid primers, one for concealers, foundations and powders, and the few below it contain travel-sized samples of stuff for trips, and various odds and ends (hair accessories, wax strips).

I also like that I can set my other essentials on top, along with my cupfuls of make-up brushes. The exact set of drawers I have is available on Costco's website for under $50, available in a rainbow colour scheme or gray.

For Everyday Essentials: A Caboodles (OMG!) Acrylic Organizer

You guys, Caboodles are still making products. To anyone who grew up in the '80s and '90s, this is a BFD. While their products don't exactly resemble the day-glo cutesy plastic train cases of yore (actually nevermind, they're still kind of on that tip), they're still super helpful in stashing your products.

I've got their "Cosmetic Cutie Organizer" and I use it to store all my various necessities, like SPF, various serums, lip balms and scrubs, tweezers, lash curler, scissors, hair elastics and what have you. It has multiple little compartments that can handle pretty much anything, and they're sleek and modern-looking, so they go with pretty much any decor.

For Various Bath Odds 'n' Ends: A Cute Wicker Basket

I use a lot of LUSH products--various bath salts and scrubs that won't fit on my bathtub ledge--so I keep these in a little IKEA basket in the corner. That way, all my bath bombs and bubble bars stay dry and in tact and still have a cute little nest to cozy up inside. Because I wouldn't want my bath products to be uncomfortable.

Now you've seen how a beauty editor with a tiny-ass bathroom does it. Do you like these ideas? How do you store your products?