An Orange Makeup Look Inspired By My New Favorite Netflix Show: 'Orange Is The New Black'

OK, so I'm not giving up my go-to black clothing, but I love this show enough to try orange eyes, cheeks and lips.

When I declared my love of Orange is The New Black in a Facebook status, some people went all fashion police on me: "No way! Orange is the worse color!"

I chuckled in my black outfit. It would be silly to think that I, your resident mall goth, would replace my favorite color by such a bright and FUN color. Impossible.

I was talking about Netflix's new show. It's been online since July 11th, and by July 13th, I had watched all the episodes of the first season, and I was sharing my obsession with everyone.

Seriously, it is such a good show. Just watch it. I will not discuss in detail why it is so good, but here are the basics: it takes place in a prison, there is an extraordinary cast of amazing women (among them, teen dream Natasha Lyonne!), and there is a decadent scene with inmates dancing to Kelis' "Milkshake" song. If that isn't enough to convince you to watch it...

Back to the orange debacle. Could orange ever be the new black? Of course not! But it sure is a surprising way to spice up your summer makeup! Inspired by my new favorite show, I crafted a little orange (or #OITNB, as I like to say) look.

I started with a simple base. I applied Benefit Erase Paste to hide darks circles and even out the skin around my eyes. Then, I used Clinique City Block Sheer, an oil free face protector with a slight tint in it. It has an SPF of 25; I use it everyday in the summer.

Finally, I chose an orange-tinted blush for my cheeks: the beloved and critically acclaimed Orgasm by NARS. I usually wear really pink blush, but I enjoy wearing NARS during summer. It gives a gold, kinda sun-kissed color to my cheeks. Perfect for the #OITNB look!

Now, for the eyes. I'll admit that I didn't own any orange-y eye shadow. In fact, I don't really wear color on my eyes all that much, because I'm a creature of the night, duh.

By chance, I have this amazing palette that was given to me by a makeup artist friend. I tried to look for it online, but it's a total life mystery since I can't even find the brand. Strange.

I used the brightest orange on my palette. I prefer to use matte colors when I turn eyeshadows into eyeliners. A really good pick to accomplish the perfect cat eye would be Make Up For Ever Pure Pigments, along with the Aqua Seal. It's a little bottle of magic water that transform powder formulas into a waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Now, I'm going to show you how to do the cheap version. It would also help to read Annie's amazing article about brushes.

I take a simple kitchen knife and I gently scrape some eyeshadow onto a clean and flat surface. Here, you can see that I used the plastic cover of some random pot. Classy.

I add water by dipping the tip of the knife into a glass of water, and letting one or two drop into the powder. You could also use eye drops like Visine. Seriously. I mix with my brush (in this case, a ¼ angled brush from Canadian brand Lise Watier). If there is still powder particles, I had a drop of water. Be careful not to add too much! Just put enough to dissolve the powder into a paste.

Before doing my orange cat eye, I applied a layer of sheer beige to all my eyelid, up to my eyebrow. Then, I dipped my little finger in the gold eyeshadow and pressed at the inner corner of my eyes. Honestly, it's really my favourite way to light up eye makeup. I do it with gold, silver, white, or a pearly beige.

Now, time for orange! I applied the paste with my angled brush, along the base of my eyelashes, thus creating an amazing orange cat eye. Don't worry if you mess up and catch some eyelashes in the process (like I did, you can see my clumsy ways in the picture): you'll cover it with mascara later.

Out of curiosity, I went to the drugstore to find an option for you guys. It's Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy. The texture is kinda weird, a bit creamy and dry at the same time... But the result is pretty good and it lasts a while (it's still on my hand as I'm typing this!). They also have a gold one.

Finally, the lips. I went for gold lips, because I have a CoverGirl lipstick that works really well for this. It's a duo, but I never use the brown one. I put a layer of Chapstick on my lips, and then apply the gold one at the center of my lips. It blends naturally when I press my lips together, adding just a golden glow to the center of my pout. This could also be done by using a gold eyeshadow.

Oh, I should mention the hair. While watching Orange is The New Black, I grew increasingly obsessed by the hairdo of Tricia (I also grew obsessed by lesbian Donna from That 70s Show, but that's another story). Tricia is a white, blonde girl with corn rows. I swear that it suits her really well! For a while, I considered braiding my hair into corn rows, but a simple Tumblr search destroyed any illusions I had about white girls looking good while appropriating African-American hairdos. I changed my mind. The closest I could get to corn rows was by braiding my hair into two french braids. Not bad.

Now, all I need is orange prison overalls. Of course I don't have any, so I went for a graphic black and white shirt. See what I did there? Prison. Bars. OK, I'll stop. I need to stop glamorizing prison life, and I also need #OITNB detox.

Enjoy your orange makeup!