Open Thread: Let's Hit The Pause Button

It's been that kind of week, y'all.
Publish date:
August 15, 2014
open thread

The news cycle sucks, summer's almost over, and I suspect you (and Team xoVain), could use a little break.

We don't really cover current events on our site unless they touch on beauty in some way, but that doesn't mean we're not keeping up with them. Right now my Twitter feed, like yours, I'd bet, is a jarring blend of unrest, fragrance launches, deaths, and surprising new makeup tips, which are almost never that surprising or that new. It's all a little much right now. (I should probably try some of Nubia's stress-reduction suggestions this weekend.)

So this week, why don't you take this Open Thread and make it totally and completely yours? Because you don't need me to give you ideas of things to talk about, that's for sure.

PS: Remember when I told you that we had a 90s Week in the works? Well that week is next week. I wish I could give you a sneak preview now, but you're just gonna have to wait.