OPEN THREAD: In The Spotlight

Help me decide how to do my hair and makeup for a performance! Also, am I the only person in a singing group who doesn't like the Pitch Perfect movies?
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June 12, 2015
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If you guys follow my writing and social media stuff really closely like a super-creeper, you may know that I love to sing and have been a member of a Britpop choir for about a year. The choir has become a really important part of my life; I've made great friends that I get to hang out with and harmonize with every week, and that's really special to me. Corny as hell, but special.

Of course, the ultimate purpose of this choir is to perform at least once a season, and we have a little concert coming up on Monday, where we'll be singing songs by Elton John, Pulp, George Michael, Queen, Morcheeba, Robbie Williams, Death Cab for Cutie, and other artists who may or may not actually be considered Britpop. (I mean, Death Cab for Cutie is from, what, Washington? Meh, who cares?) Just this past Tuesday, we took our rehearsal out onto a Lower East Side sidewalk just to get comfortable in front of onlookers, and it was a crapload o' fun. (See if you can spot me and erstwhile xoVain contributor Meredith in this clip! Hint: we're next to each other.)

With a performance, however, comes the enormously important question: HOW SHOULD I DO MY HAIR AND MAKEUP?!

The whole idea of a performance—of deliberately putting yourself in front of people—feels like it calls for doing something different, more polished. I want to look fabulous, but in a way that can be accomplished in the half hour before I leave the office. In other words, how I decide to wear my hair and makeup for the performance is how I'm going to have to wear it to work on Monday because I'll only have time to touch it up before heading downtown.

It shouldn't be an ALL EYES ON ME look, though, because I'm a member of 40-person choir; I want to look great and blend in. Plus, we've decided on a casual look for the show; it's probably not the right night for false lashes and a Bumpit.

I've actually started obsessing a bit over whether or not to wear a bold lip or not. I'm very comfortable in red lips but... do I want to draw attention to my mouth while I'm singing? What if I get bright-red lipstick on my teeth? But will a nude lip make me look like death warmed over on stage?

It's just a little music venue on the Lowest East Side—not some grandiose theater—but I kind of enjoy putting thought into stuff like this.

What do y'all think?

  • Experienced performers, do you do your hair and makeup differently than your everyday look on stage?
  • Non-performers and performers alike, whose on-stage looks have you loved?
  • Wanna come to the show? It's free on Monday at The Delancey! (Doors open at 7pm.)
  • Also: Talk about anything and everything else! Wahooooo!