Open Thread: Working For The Weekend

Announcing: Weekend content on xoVain! (Oh, it's so real.)
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October 3, 2014
open thread, the weekend starts here

My first real job, when I was in high school, was the weekend shift at The Gap, back in the 90s when it was still relevant and well before Normcore was a thing. (We just called it "These Are The Clothes I Can Afford With My Discount.")

I loved that job. I even loved the tedium of folding jeans. (I made it into a game: How fast can I refold this entire jean wall? Turns out, REALLY FREAKING FAST.) I loved running the cash register. I loved customer service. I loved helping people find that perfect flannel or shaker-knit sweater. I even loved the wackadoodles who were experts in the art of price adjustments. (Back then, the policy was a lot more lenient, so you could game it a lot longer. There was one return customer who managed to get a leather jacket priced down to something like, $5. Genius!)

That story was just a long-winded way for me to share the news that we are kicking off our weekend content starting tomorrow. HEY!

For now, we're going to post two stories on Saturday and two on Sunday, and will ramp up as we go. I'm envisioning that the weekend stories will be a little less how-to and tutorial-focused, and more easy-breezy: Quick product reviews, Saturday night out looks, tips on organizing your beauty space, etc. I haven't fully thought it through, yet, but I want it to feel weekend-y, you know? (Please come by on Saturday and Sunday and tell us what you think. Which I know you will.)

And the addition of these weekend slots means that we could use some new writers, so if you've been wanting to get in on this sweet, sweet xoVain action, you know what to do:

And now, Open Thread is all yours.

PS: Next week we launch our Halloween coverage. One full month of looks, inspirations, and last-minute ideas. I cannot even express how scary-good it is going to be. YOU ARE NOT READY.