Open Thread: A Beauty Lesson From Amy Poehler

On knowing your worth.
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November 14, 2014
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In Amy Poehler's new book, Yes Please, there's a chapter called "Plain Girl vs. The Demon." "The Demon" is what Poehler calls her inner monologue, the voice that "tells you that you are fat and ugly and you don't deserve love."

The Demon began visiting her some time in elementary school, and mainly left her alone. But as soon as she hit junior high, The Demon took up residence in her house. And once high school hit, it wanted to spoon. Eventually, she was able to ignore its visits, but it never stayed away for too long. "This motherf*&ker is patient," she writes.

Even as an adult with a ton of amazing friends, a fabulous career, and a wonderful family, Poehler continues to see The Demon from time to time:

"I cannot, in good faith, pretend I have fallen in love with how I look. The Demon still visits me often. I wish I could tell you that being on television or having a nice picture in a magazine suddenly washes all of those thoughts away, but it really doesn't."

But bleak as that sounds (you mean being famous doesn't solve all of your problems?), Poehler says what helps her ignore The Demon is that she learned what her currency is. In other words, she was never going to let herself be defined by her looks because her currency is her brain--her ability to write, to perform, to become anyone she wants through her work:

"I didn't audition to play the sexy girl, I just played her. I got to cast myself.... Writing gave me an incredible amount of power, and my currency became what I wrote and said and did."

I love that. Write the role you want to play in your own life.

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