Open Thread: Keep It Moving

The outside world has been filled with bad news this week. But over here? We have some good stuff to share with you!
Publish date:
May 30, 2014

Can we agree on one thing, Internet? It's been a crappy week for women.

In terms of the news cycle, #YesAllWomen is largely in the rear-view at this point, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I think it’s because, like a lot of you, I have to operate in the world a certain way, and this topic brought into stark relief the everyday, ambient sexism that we're all just used to.

Then there was the news about the so-called honor killing in Pakistan. Then Maya Angelou.

And, on a different, but depressing in its own way, note, Google unveiled its demographics: A scant 30% of its workforce is female, a number which, according to the Times, is "17 percentage points less than the representation of women in the full United States workforce."

"Tech companies have often blamed the lack of diverse workforces on the pipeline -- they can only hire the people who apply for jobs, and those tend to be white and Asian men, they say."

It was, to wildly oversimplify, a heavy week.

Times like this I want to surround myself with my best girlfriends and hug them and make them pocket-sized and keep them close, so I know they're safe at all times.

And I'm also grateful for this site right now, because sure, looking at beauty products all day is a great distraction, but I'm also super into the positive vibes that surround this place on the regular.

On that note, I'm stoked to partially introduce you to xoVain's newest staff member: our first-ever managing editor, April! Partially, because this is only her third day and she's in a ton of meetings right now -- high-level ish about how to make xoVain even better.

More from April shortly, but you can say hi to her in the comments and she will say hi back, if she's not eyeballs-deep in Google Analytics.

Happy weekend, guys. Enjoy your Open Thread!

PS: June is Acne Awareness Month. Keep it here for AMAZING acne-fighting tips, tricks, hacks, cheats, etc. from our beauty experts. And if you have a specific acne issue you'd like us to tackle, let us know in the comments.