xoVain Open Thread: California (Almost) All The Way

Or why it’s good to let your hair down every now and again. Or not. Do you. (I KNOW, I KNOW.)
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April 11, 2014
open thread, California, glassholes

I’ve been to California twice in the last two months: First to Santa Monica, Malibu, LA, and the O.C.; last week to visit our parent company in San Francisco.

These two trips were the longest amount of time I’ve spent in The Golden State. And coming from the insanity of New York, I appreciate that it mostly lives up to its mellow stereotype.

San Fran was perhaps a little more Type A, what with the tech culture and Glassholes and whatnot. To be fair, I only saw three people wearing Google Glass. (Google Glasses? Is that the plural? I don’t even know.) But that’s thrice as many as I’ve yet to see in New York. After they officially go on sale next week, however, it’s only a matter of time before they start showing up en masse here.

That aside, a major takeaway from these two trips was that California’s mellowness seemed to extend to beauty as well. Most of the women I encountered wore minimal to no makeup and didn’t have sleek, bouncy blowouts. It's very different from my New York, where some women I know don’t even wash their own hair anymore.

I’m put together beauty-wise pretty much all the time. I do it for no one but myself. But while I was away, I took my regular routine back a few notches: no cat eye, no highlighter, no lipstick, no mascara, no blush. Just a little concealer and lip balm. (And some brow pencil, because, to quote Trista, I’m not an animal.)

It felt… easy. It certainly made my morning more efficient. I looked like the California version of me, I suppose.

And then I put it all back on once I got back here, because that feels like me, too.

The phrase “do you” makes me kind of insane, but as it relates to beauty, it’s perfect. If you want to beat that face, great. If your idea of makeup involves a just a swipe of ChapStick, love it. Wear mascara to bed like Charlotte Tilbury, sure. Care only about skincare a la Man Repeller, fantastic. Do you.

Then come here and tell us all about what you do when you do you, OK?

And now, your open thread.