Open Thread: Take It Sleazy

3...2...1... SUMMER!
Publish date:
June 20, 2014
summer, open thread

Look, guys, summer starts, officially, tomorrow. But I can't celebrate just yet for two reasons: My apartment's AC is on the fritz and I have an upper respiratory infection. (Womp, womp.)

Therefore, I'm going to need to live through your first-weekend-of-summer adventures, because I am going to be hella miserable for the short term.

Here's what I want to know:

• What are your favorite summer beauty products?

• What is your best summer memory?

• Are you one of those people who actually hates summer? (I mean, it's not my favorite season. That would be fall. But I know some people who are total hermits from now until August.)

• What is going to be this year's summer jam? (Billboard is trying to tell me that it's Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" (featuring Charli XCX), but I'm not sure I'm hearing that, as much as I love Charli XCX and the video's Clueless homage.)

• What was your first summer job?

Tell me all about these things, along with your regular beauty chatter/problem solving, in the comments.

Bonus: This is one of my favorite summer songs, ever.

This album came out only three years after Desperately Seeking Susan (where April found that awesome gif) did. I find it interesting if only because of how rapidly pop culture and music changed during that time.

Also! One more thing! If you're looking to break into the world of fashion, our sister site Fashionista (Did you know they were our sister site? They so are) is having a really cool conference here in NYC on June 27 called How To Make It In Fashion. Lots of great speakers and panels. Will be a day of fantastic information.