Open Thread: The Getaway

Honestly, the only good photos of me are from when I’m on vacation. #nofilter
Publish date:
June 13, 2014
open thread, vacation, face lifts, staycation

This week, I’m feeling restless. I only just got back from a weekend away, and I’m already jonesing to go somewhere else. I think it’s because this time of year always feels to me like I just graduated and should be getting ready for summer vacation. I’ve been out of school a LONG time, but I don’t know how old you have to be before you stop thinking of the calendar year in terms of a school schedule.

This year, so far, I’ve been to: Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Miami, San Francisco, Cleveland, and St. Louis, and I have a few major trips planned for the second half of the year, one of which, if it works out, will be a press trip to a REALLY cool city that is super into beauty. More about that later.

Are you gearing up for a vacation (or staycation) soon? Where are you going? What are you bringing? Do you find that you look better in vacation photos than in regular photos? (I know I do. In normal photos, I mostly look pained.) Show us! And of course, you can talk about other beauty stuff here, too.

PS: Maybe you have noticed that xoVain got a little (design) work done this week? It’s all very tasteful, no recovery time required. I think it looks fabulous. But you also may have (probably have) noticed some technical hiccoughs. Feel free to let us know when you see weird stuff, so we can make fixes. (You already do do that, but please keep doing that.)