Open Thread: Wedding Season

I really love a wedding--especially when I'm not in it.
Publish date:
June 6, 2014
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At my age, it seems like the Major Life Event you celebrate with family and friends is having a baby rather than having a wedding, because pretty much everyone I know is either already married or committed to not getting married (or getting divorced). But I love a good wedding (cake!). And I love it even more when I don’t have to be in it!

Don’t misunderstand: I have been delighted to be a bridesmaid each and every time I’ve been one. I’m just totally okay that those days are behind me, and I can now attend (and enjoy) a wedding as a guest. Which is exactly what I’m doing this weekend. (Shout out to Carly and Bryce!)

Are your weekends largely filled with weddings over the next few months? Are you in any? And most important, what are you doing with your hair and makeup? (Keep an eye out for more wedding beauty coverage in the coming weeks, if you need some inspiration.)

And if you're not caught up in wedding madness, tells us what you're doing with your hair and makeup right now in general.

P.S. In preparation for Father’s Day (June 15), all next week we will be celebrating the fathers and father-figures in our lives and how they had an impact on us beauty-wise. I’m really looking forward to that.