I'm Old Gregg: The Halloween Costume

You ever drink Baileys out of a shoe?
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October 4, 2016
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I feel like every corner I turn on the Internet, Old Gregg is there.

For example, recently on Reddit a user shared a picture of two bay leaves and a cup of coffee — which the waiter brought instead of Baileys and coffee — and a top comment was, "You ever drunk bay leaves out of a shoe?" followed by quote after quote from the Mighty Boosh skit. And when people were posting three fictional characters that best described themselves, a viral meme circulated in which all three of someone's characters were Old Gregg.

Even you all brought up Old Gregg when I did a post on fishy face masks over the summer, which is when I first considered doing an Old Gregg costume tutorial here on xoVain.

And here we are.

For those unacquainted, Old Gregg is a big scaly man-fish who drinks Baileys out of a shoe and invites strangers to clubs where people wee on each other. He's kind of needy and desperate for love, but aren't we all, really?

If you haven't watched the skit, you absolutely have to. The first time you do, you'll be confused and perhaps frightened, but it gets better with every viewing, so play it again.

The Tutorial

So really, the Old Gregg look isn't terribly difficult to recreate. You need some costume makeup and then all the essential outfit pieces. Here's a shopping list:

The green looks very Kermit in this super-bright room, but in darker spaces it reads more forest green. I was worried that the paint would stain my skin green, but it all came off with face wash in the shower.

The Medusa wig was really long, so I gave it a haircut so it was more in line with Old Gregg's shoulder-length 'do.

After finishing hair and makeup, I put on the rest of my outfit and it all came together.

I just want you to know that I walked around my house and danced for a little bit while wearing this costume. My cats were surprisingly unaffected, but I frightened myself every time I looked in the mirror, so there's that.

  • Is this the first you're hearing of Old Gregg, or are you familiar with the sketch?
  • Have you ever done a costume where you had to paint your face a weird color?
  • You think you could ever love me?