Oils And Hair Serums: You're Doing It Wrong

Here are two more steps you should be adding to your shower routine.
Publish date:
September 11, 2013
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Similar to every trend ever in history (ahem "twerking"), many of us want to get into the oil game, but are going about it all wrong.

I began with castor oil, before moving on to coconut oil, which I would slather all over my body after showering. And then, you know, sit around and wait for it to absorb into my skin, which would never fully happen, but instead the oil would make the dye from my favorite dressing kimono bleed into my white sheets.

Then we have hair oils, or more commonly, their rich cousins: hair serums. (Some are silicone-based, but many are filled with slippery, oily oil.) The directions say to smooth onto damp hair, or even on dry hair to finish, which I always manage to screw up; the resulting look is nothing close to this greasy goodness.

With the exception of a modest application of facial moisturizer, I find almost (not this guy) every other kind of lotion, cream or oil sits on my skin rather than quickly absorbing into it. While I do love the indulgence of slathering thick, yummy-smelling creams onto my legs, arms and torso, I don't have the time after every shower to marinate before pulling on some jeans, which is pretty much impossible on freshly moisturized skin. And I'm finding that I prefer the one-ingredient simplicity of using an oil rather than a lotion.

My world opened up when I discovered that I should be applying oils and hair serums in the shower rather than once I get out.

Chaz Dean originally turned me on to the idea as he smoothed product into Olivia's sopping hair over the sink during her out-of-body WEN experience. He says that by applying serums and other products onto soaking-wet hair rather than damp or dry hair, you're getting better distribution and that the wet hair more readily absorbs the product.

Two-and-a-half words: it's true.

I've been using Kerastase hair serums forever because they're amazing, but after recently starting to use them on extremely wet, just-turned-off-the-faucet hair, they work even better. I keep a bottle of serum in the shower, and pull three or four pumps through the ends and lengths of my hair before squeezing out the excess liquid right over the drain. I try not to leave any oily residue that a roommate could slip and die on. I'm terrified of ghosts!

As for the body oil, I use that as the shower is running, just after washing and shaving and scrubbing, or whatever I decide to do in the shower that day. Right now I'm really into Know Your Ingredients' Sweet Almond Softening Oil, which actually suggests in the directions that you apply during your shower. I'm left with zero oily residue; only soft, comfortable, glowy skin.

Don't say I didn't warn you to buy grip stickers or a shower mat.