Here's How I Go From Workout To Work Sans Shower

Yes, you can skip your post-workout shower and still feel fresh and ready to #boss it out at work.
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April 8, 2015
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To say that *transitioning from freelance to full-time has been an adjustment barely scratches the surface. For starters, I now have to get dressed every day and I don't have a snack-filled kitchen in the next room.

I’m also pretty introverted, so being out of my pastel cave and around other people has been a bit of a culture shock. (Why does everyone at my office love Drake? Can anyone answer this question?)

But on the plus side, my new job has forced me to master my workout-to-work-without-a-shower routine.

Sure, there were a few sweaty days where I felt like a drowned rat, but I figured out a game plan--without lugging a massive bag of products to and fro.

Here’s how I go straight from a morning workout to work with only a handful of products and no access to a shower.

Before my workout, I apply only the bare minimum, as I don’t want to clog up my pores with a bunch of powder when I’ll be sweating profusely for an hour. I curl my lashes and use Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara ($24) and Waterproof Visual Eyes Liquid Liner ($19). The former comes in a squeeze tube (cool, right?) and the latter has an ultra-thin brush that I just love.

Both of these products really stay put no matter what I get up to, be it hot yoga, biking through the rain, or even swimming. They're a gold medal team.

Post-workout I give myself a good all-over wipe-down with my absolute favorite cleansing wipes, Comodynes. The non-irritating formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin, like me.

Body-wise, I use Whish Deodorant Swipes (from $7) under my arms and I’m good to go, but my hair and face takes a tad bit more work.

I touch up the eyeliner and mascara that I applied pre-workout before moving on to the next step, which is lower lash liner. I use Pacifica’s Natural Eye Pencil in Bare and Fringe ($11 each) to add definition to my lash line. The light beige shade imparts brightness on my inner corners while the brown shade sharpens my lower outer edges.

Now it's time for a disappearing act: I apply a bit of concealer under my eyes and cover any blemishes I'm sporting at the moment.

My all-time favorite concealer is Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer ($24)--it gives great coverage, lasts all day, and is waterproof.

In the interest of saving space in my gym bag, I use a cheek stain that also works for lips. RMS Lip2Cheek ($36) is the perfect product for the job. All-natural and easy to blend, I am currently smitten with Demure, a soft, rosy pink with a hint of fuchsia.

Finally, I release my hair from whatever messy bun/braid I've invented that day and give it a good spray with Davines Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo ($28). This removes any sign of sweat or grease.

If your hair is feeling fussy, try putting it up in a braid pre-workout and leaving it up all day instead of brushing it out.

Let's talk!

  • Do you always shower post-workout, or do you use products to help you cheat a shower?
  • Anyone go from freelance working at home to a full-time office gig?
  • How do you vary your morning workout to keep it interesting? Tell me everything in the comments!

*My apologies for being so absent over the past few months... I really missed you guys! Unfortunately this little 9 to 5 of mine has come between us.