7 Non-Beauty Related Nail Polish Hacks

Do you have more nail polish than you know what to do with? We have a few suggestions.
Publish date:
December 10, 2014
nail polish hacks, bug bites, costume jewelry, painting keys, sewing, stocking runs

I’m somewhat of a nail polish hoarder. The only reason I haven’t bought a new bottle recently is because I came to the realization that I own every color I could want or need. Luckily for me, nail polish can function in many non-beauty capacities. Here are some of the things you can do with your nail polish when you don’t need a manicure.

1. The Obvious: Stop Stocking Runs

Many people know and love this nifty trick. If I’m wearing stockings, I’m carrying a bottle of clear nail polish with me because, for reasons unknown and often explained away by Murphy’s Law and the like, my stockings will develop a ladder at some point. If/when your stockings begin to run, paint the tear with clear nail polish to stop the rip from developing further. Hair spray also works (although, in my experience, not nearly as well).

2. Ropes And Threads

Part of the reason I hate sewing is trying to fit the thread into the tiny eye of the needle without it curling up and ruining my entire life. To solve this, just put some clear nail polish on the end thread, so it goes through the hole really easily. (That’s what she said?) The same applies to fraying ropes and string--make them stay put with some polish.

3. Keep Costume Jewelry Shiny And New

The worst thing about costume jewelry is that, in addition to turning your skin green, it fades into different colors. Like, way to tell everyone my giant neck piece isn’t real, solid gold. Ugh! Prevent this from happening by painting over pieces with clear nail polish. If you focus on the inside of the pieces, your skin also won’t turn green.

Also, for those jewelry pieces with stones that will inevitably fall out, paint a clear coat over top of the stones to hold them in place.

4. Find Your Keys

When I moved into my current house, I could never figure out which key to use on which door. Tired of having to try every single key before opening the door with the last one I tried (again, inexplicable/Murphy’s Law), I painted my front door key with pink nail polish to make it easily and quickly identifiable. You can paint different keys different colors. It also makes your keys look less boring and key-like.

5. Tighten Screws

We’ve all had a screw loose--in the literal sense this time. The weirdest hack I ever saw someone do was put nail polish on a screw to tighten it. I would never have thought of that. Just coat the screws in nail polish before screwing them in. If you want to take it a step further, you can apply clear nail polish over the screw to keep it in place--quite useful on spectacles.

6. Make Your Wood Snag-Free

The worst thing is to have a wooden hanger or chair snag your delicate clothing. OK, it's not the worst thing, but it’s pretty up there. To stop this from happening, paint a coat of polish over the splinter or rough edge to make it smooth. No more pesky tears in your favorite cashmere sweaters.

7. Stop An Itchy Bug Bite

I’ve never tried this myself, but many people swear by it: apparently, painting a coat of nail polish over an itchy bug bite will relieve the itch. The bonus is that you also won’t be able to keep scratching, thus putting a stop to the itch-scratch-itch cycle.

  • Do you use nail polish for any uses I didn't list here?
  • Which of these hacks will you be trying out?