My 'No Makeup' Look Requires 8 Products

Because even just looking alive can be really hard for some people, OK?
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September 17, 2013
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If you were to have asked me two months ago what my routine to look like I was wearing nada was, it would have been boring as hell. Moisturization (always, no matter what), a half a candy dot of Dior BB cream, and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips and lids, and that’s it.

There is something about a little sun damage (in my case one to two beach trips a week that involve seven hours of direct sun exposure with 30-ish sunscreen reapplied after swimming) that lets you wear nothing, and get away with everything. I’m not going to lie, there were a couple days I came back with a fairly pink nose, and once in particular with a pink face, but never blisters or peeling or any of that junk, I’m olive, OK? (Please let me continue to lie to myself about my treatment of skin--I’m better than at 16 when I wore zero protection…)

Here I am now, at the start of September, having not been to the beach in FOUR weekends, and I am already seeing the dreaded end-of-summer change. All of a sudden, I notice my under-eye circles, my PD seems to be just in my peripheral, my pores seem larger, I get blemishes, and my overall complexion seems pretty wrecked. "F%*&," I hear, "That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change. Never ever change, yeah” in my head. I’m already jonesing for a beach vacay.

It’s always hard getting back into the groove of actually wearing makeup, but once the newness wears off, and it’s December again I’ll be used to my pale pallor, and my ability to look clean--even polished--if I so desire is pretty nice.

The first thing to tackle is skincare. The way I treat my skin in summer is pretty appalling to my more mature, responsible winter self. I probably skipped washing my face four out of seven nights a week, which is such an easy thing to just do, but I hardly wore makeup, and a splash of cold water will suffice, right? Not now. Now I revert back to my ritualistic self, washing, and caring, and moisturizing galore. Good girl.

As the weather starts to change I step up my cleansing game (frequency wise). I am still loving my Somme Institute cleanser for it’s creamy, easy, nourishing effect. Massaging it into my face morning and night makes me feel like I am doing something good for my skin, and my looming facial irritation agrees.

Now to attack my larger-by-the-day-pore-situation: Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer. This multi-addresser contains DMAE helps your skin’s elasticity, while also minimizing your pores. Salicylic acid removes the gunk that can stretch, and enlarge your pores, and a proprietary mineral complex, tightens, brightens and smoothes. Yes, please! Two pumps of this actual magic, makes my pores instantly minimized, but not just masking the situation, but working to shrink them over time.

After prepping, I moisturize the hell out of my skin by warming five or six drops of Marie Veronique Organic’s face oil, which contains krill oil (with omegas 3, 6, and 9 as well as antioxidants), argan oil (rich in omegas, vitamin E, carotenes, squalene, and phenols, helping to improve skin’s elasticity by nourishing and moisturizing), and blackberry seed oil, which has a ton of vitamin C and E helping to repair the summer’s damage. Here’s hoping!

I know you are probably thinking “I thought this s*#$ was about makeup.” It definitely is, but first we GOTS to prepare.

Next to prepare for my no-makeup makeup look, I use my (along with like a million other people) secret weapon, Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm. This stuff is such a dream to make you look naturally gorgeous. By mixing a dollop on the back of your hand with your BB cream/tinted moisturizer/foundation/what have you, it makes you plump and bright like you sauna-ed yourself out at Great Jones Spa.

Next, conceal your spots sparingly. I try to use just enough to cover under eyes, around nose, blemishes and strange broken blood vessels (hereditary, ugh) to cleverly conceal, but never to mask. When going for no-makeup makeup, it is infinitely better to see your skin than to suffocate it. And this should always be done after a good moisturization sesh.

Now for the one-two bronzer punch. I have a couple months left before bronzer starts to look ridiculous, and a reach for a more blush like accent but for now, hold on to that tan if you got it, girl! Josie Maran’s watercolor cheek gelée in Honeymoon Honey is still my favorite, followed by a swipe of Hoola is all you need to look alive, and fabulous.

Highlighting is so important to look fresh, awake, and alive, and instead of shimmery or pearlized ones, I have been using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream as my go to. It’s just sticky enough, and with loads of vitamin E is actually good for your skin. Just like my Dad’s go to product and motto: “Brill Cream, a little dab will do ya.”

Squeeze a dollop on the back of your hand and gently highlight where the light naturally hits you. We are going for Botticelli, not Victoria’s Secret Angel (although that would be nice, and I’d take it). Bridge of your nose, cheekbones and brow bone is all you need to look lit-from-within.

To cover up any veiny eyelid situation (oh, just my natural purple eye shadow!) I use NARS eye shadow in Blondie: a taupe/grey, to add a bit of contouring and depth to the socket, finishing with another dab of 8 Hour Cream on top to give a little dewy sheen.

On lips, I use a nude/pink creamy lipstick like Dior’s Rouge Nude in Charnelle, using my fingers to dab, and finish with (you guessed it) another slick of 8 Hour Cream.

With that you are done, it’s you, enhanced. I’m going for Lea Seydoux’s Juergen Teller lensed cover of Jalouse this month. Lea can you hear me? Are you actually wearing nothing, or just a good faker like me?