Get The Look: Nastassja Kinski In 'Paris, Texas'

The prettiest stripper in The Lone Star State.
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November 3, 2014
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Released in 1984, Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas is an ageless masterpiece. Beautiful cinematography: check. Harry Dean Stanton: check. Slow, engaging plot: check.

I'll never forget Nastassja Kinski as Jane, the prettiest stripper in The Lone Star State. Her blonde bob, her hot pink lipstick, that gray eye shadow on those gorgeous, deep-set eyes, I mean...

As a mere mortal, I know my attempt at Natassja's look will pale in comparison, but I'm about to break it down anyway.

Jane’s eyes are much deeper set than mine, so for this look, I decided to do a cut crease.

If you’re blessed with deep-set eyes and a very visible crease, then go ahead and use a gray shadow all over the lid.

First, I took a matte white eye shadow and brushed it all over my eyelid.

Using a gray eye shadow, I created a crease on top of my actual crease, adding a little more gray to the outer edges.

With Inglot’s Felt Tip EyeLiner Pen, I lined my upper lash line, extending slightly downward.

I used Essence’s Big Bright Eyes in Nude on my waterline.

To finish off, I added KISS Eyelashes in Shy and placed a swipe of gray along my lower lash line. I also added the tiniest hint of Aegyo Sal below the eye using Urban Decay’s Buck.

Then, I blended the coral pink and red from my Maqpro Petite Fard Creme Palette in PP22 to create the perfect pink. I also used this color to make the outer corners of my mouth slightly bigger than my natural lip line.

This is what it looks like all together.

In my opinion, however, Jane’s hair was all about movement, and this faux bob was totally stiff. So in keeping with the theme of volume and bounce, I left my hair down instead.

Throw on a backwards pink cardigan and you're done!

  • Do you love this film as much as I do?
  • Can we talk about the beauty games of stripper characters in popular film and TV for a second? Like, whose look would you cop IRL?
  • Should I get a real bob again?