What's Your Music Festival Beauty Style?

I recently explored Austin Psych Fest and uncovered a few of the many ways there are to #festface.
Publish date:
May 18, 2015
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Festival goers, much like the United States founding fathers, are all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Because why have a country, if you can’t party?

Party on, Wayne.

Party on, Congress.

Festivals have become a beauty and fashion season in their own right. Forget resort wear—who resorts anymore anyway? Festival season has become a independent showing of who’s wearing what and “lemme see what’s in your fest bag,” which I love. There’s no beauty look too big or too little to be showcased during festival season, because for those three days that you’re inside a musical play land, you can be whoever you want, and it’s encouraged to come in any and every form of yourself. The whole idea is to play, have fun, and relax, which is exactly what we’ve all been saying hair and makeup is all about.

So, what better place to scout for great festival faces than Psych Fest in the home of the weird, Austin, Texas—a sweet, sweet combination of visual and auditory perfection. Let’s take a look at some fresh fest faces.

The Bare Naked Ladies

These babes are not only gorgeous, but opt for a simple, minimal beauty routine for their festival look. This look seemed to be favored by those camping or coming from miles and miles away, only able to stash what they could in three-ounce airplane bottles and carry on packs. It’s fresh, natural, simple, and just so incredibly beautiful.

Jen from Brooklyn told me about how obsessed she is with a vegan cosmetic company called Morocco Method. She has a sensitive skin and scalp and opts for all-natural products, being very cognizant of certain chemicals in many products out on the market.

Larissa told me she opted to wash her hair the night before and just let everything be au naturale for the duration of the festival. Look at her. Gorgeous. Those brows, right?

The Rockettes

These chicks are put together in the most effortless way. They packed their toiletry bags with face wipes, coconut oil, liquid soap, a lipstick, and some mineral makeup. They can apply eyeliner using pocket mirrors with perfection and have hair that doesn’t look like it was matted to the tent floor all night. How? They look amazing.

Neesa told me she loves Ruby Woo MAC Lipstick, bareMinerals foundation, and coconut oil for her hair.

Meanwhile, Natasha and Valerie talked about how they must have mascara and Dr. Bronner’s soap, respectively.

Monica said liquid eyeliner is a must-have product, and if you wake up feeling hungover MAC’s Heroine Lipstick will instantly “make you feel pretty.”

The Pixies

These magical creatures flutter around in sparkles and smiles, throwing up peace signs and leaving trails of love behind them. These girls were from Austin and thereby didn’t necessarily have to contend with packed bags and camp grounds, but instead could get ready in the luxury of their own home turf.

This pixie went by the name of Polka Dot Kitty and told me she used Urban Decay for her glitter look and Manic Panic for her hair. These ladies make festivals delightful.

  • Have you gone to any shows this season?
  • What's your festival look?
  • Shouldn't there be a Festival Week in addition to Fashion Week? Just brainstorming here...