Pencil Eyeliner Before Liquid: The Technique You Finally Need To Try

I can't believe I haven't been doing my eyeliner like this all along.
Publish date:
September 9, 2013
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Do you ever get eyeliner anxiety? You just can't seem to get your eyeliner right when you're going somewhere, but for some reason always do it perfectly when you're going nowhere? I recently realized I do.

Anyone who's worn eyeliner knows it's a pain to remove and start over from scratch when you've really made a mess of yourself. And I wear eyeliner pretty much all the time unless I'm sick or injured. Ever since I went as Princess Jasmine for Halloween in second grade and my mom gave me an exaggerated cat eye, I fell in love with the look of black eyeliner.

For kind of a while now, I've been doing my eyeliner a little differently, and my eyeliner has been coming out better and more consistent. I haven't been doing it freehand like I normally do, I've been using two different types of eyeliner--pencil and liquid--and layering them.

This technique is nothing new. I didn't just stumble upon it. I've seen it in magazines and on blogs: Line your eyes with pencil before applying liquid eyeliner," etc. I just never tried it because I thought, since I can draw relatively well, that I didn't need any sort of guide when doing my eyeliner.

This could not be further from the truth.

Right now, I am using Maybelline Line Stiletto in blackest black, and a Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl liner, but you can do this with any liquid/pencil combo. This is all about the technique.

First, you need to line your eye lightly with black pencil in the shape you want. I like to outline my lower lash line and connect it to the top, where I lined so lightly, you can't even see in the photographs. I just focus on using very soft strokes. I don't worry about lines connecting perfectly. Just focus on the outer edge of your eye and stay close to the shape of your eye.

Then, layer with liquid eyeliner, following the line already suggested in pencil and making it cleaner and pointier. This method is great because sort of shows you where to wing out your eyeliner. When you are following a line that's already there, you'd be surprised at how much easier it is to create a precise cat eye, or puppy eye, or some cat-puppy hybrid eye, which I think is what I'm doing right now.

This technique definitely takes some of the eyeliner performance anxiety away for me. Using the black pencil eyeliner to guide the shape of my eye, it helps me understand where the liquid eyeliner needs to go.

What techniques do you guys use to get perfect eyeliner under pressure? And how incredibly late on this am I?