Show Me Your Weird Mirror Face

It has come to my attention that I make some strange faces in my photos. Well, that’s actually my "mirror face," and we go way back.
Publish date:
March 7, 2014

I guess the purpose of this post is
really to find out if I’m a strange alien from another planet, or if you guys
have weird mirror habits like I do. What do I mean by weird mirror habits? Well, since you asked…

Somewhere down the line, I started
picking up all these odd habits when putting on my makeup. I didn’t even know I
had them until my ex-girlfriend walked in on me doing my makeup one day and
pointed it out: “What is that weird face you're doing?”

I looked back in the
mirror and thought, “This is just my face!” Since that moment
though, I’ve pretty much noted the weirdness every morning. I’m not sure where
exactly these habits came from, but I have an idea or two:

Let’s start with the eyes. You know
those big pleading eyes I do in most of my photos? The ones that visibly strain
my whole face and wrinkle my forehead? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that
special face isn’t reserved specifically for you lovely readers.

I’ve been
making that face in the mirror to myself every morning for as long as I can
remember. I think this strange auto-face comes from a deep-seeded image in my
mind of Disney princesses and their massive eyes. It also might have something
to do with an ex telling me I looked best after I’d been crying because it made
my eyes bigger.

Next, the hair pat. When I’m doing
my makeup, I almost always put my hair up in a messy bun, and every time I
finish a step in my application process, I bump the bun forward.

I credit this
odd habit to my childhood hairdresser, who always gave me bangs and layers near
my face because she said I needed hair to balance out the roundness of my face.
She also forbid me to ever get a bob, and told me to lay off the bread if I
wanted my face to thin out…

Anyway, even though I’m happy with my current face
shape, I think the bun bumping comes from a subconscious need to push my hair
toward my face. Or maybe It’s just my OCD acting up.

Finally, there’s the lips. When
applying foundation or concealer, I tend to stretch my lips down to make my
skin really tight. This one in particular is super-attractive, because I look a
bit like a grandma with no teeth. I have absolutely no idea what made me pick
up this one, but I do know it makes my face hurt if I hold it for too long.

I’m working on catching these habits now, both in the
mirror and in photos, constantly reminding myself to relax my face, but it’s
really difficult. Old habits die hard you know?

So now that I’ve laid out all my
facial idiosyncrasies and insecurities, please back me up! Show me your weird
mirror faces, or at least tell me about them.