How to Be a Heartbreaker For Halloween: A Marina & the Diamonds Tutorial

Perfect for those of us with long, dark hair.

I don’t listen to a lot of pop music these days, but I make an exception for Marina and the Diamonds. Much of her music is fun and upbeat, but her lyrics go beyond only discussing the typical relationship rollercoaster we’re used to hearing about in pop songs. While she does cover relationship themes, she also talks about feminism, women’s sexuality, sexual repression, bad American pop culture (which she seems to be obsessed with) and more, and I think that’s super-refreshing.

Since Marina has been a huge music crush of mine, and because she and I share the same dark hair with contrasting skin tone, it only made sense to honor her this Halloween by dressing up to look like her. If you’re a Diamond (aka a Marina fan) like me, and you’re looking for some costume inspiration, read on because I’m showing you how to get her look from her "How to Be a Heartbreaker." Although the look doesn’t reflect her current style (the video came out in 2012, after all), I chose it anyway because it’s my favorite Marina look to date.

I highly suggest playing this song on repeat while following this tutorial.

Marina’s skin is usually shine-free, so I put on CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation, a matte foundation that lasts all day on me. I also went ahead and added concealer under my eyes.

I prefer a gradient brow look, but Marina has brows that are pretty much dark all the way through. To copy her intense brows, I apply dark brown shadow to create a bold brow with a small arch that’s uniformly dark from the start to end. To clean up any smudges and to help define the shape, I use a concealer brush loaded up with foundation.

In the video, Marina sticks to neutral eyeshadows, but then goes for super-fun lashes.

I begin by applying the beige shade from the LORAC Pro Palette 2 onto my mobile lid and extending it past my crease.

Then I take a shimmery taupe (Selfish from theBalm NUDE ‘tude palette) and apply it on the area above my crease and below my brow bone.

Using a crease brush loaded up with a matte, dark brown shade (Espresso from the LORAC Pro Palette), I darken my outer V and define my crease, extending it to the inner corner of my eye.

With a shading brush, I blur out the edges of the shimmery taupe shadow using Light Brown from the LORAC Pro Palette 2.

Next, I highlight my brow bone with a bright white shadow (Snow from the LORAC Pro Palette 2) and then soften it up by blending over it with a fluffy brush.

To brighten my eyes, I apply Gold from the LORAC Pro Palette to my mobile lid and to my tear ducts.

Using some matte cream liner, I define my upper lash line, rounding out the ends to avoid creating a cat eye. I also line my lower lash line with black shadow.

Finally, I add mascara to my top lashes and add creamy beige liner to my waterline. I could’ve used white but it looks too bright against my skin tone.

In the video, Marina has four long individual falsies spaced widely apart on each lower lash line. Since I’m a klutz, that wasn’t doable for me, so I used a strip of falsies instead and trimmed away the pieces I didn’t need before gluing the strip to my lashes. In the pictures, it looks like the lashes on my left eye have disappeared, but they’re there.

I keep my cheek and lip colors natural with a peachy blush (Cargo Blush in The Big Easy) and a nude lipstick (MAC Lipstick in Cherish).

Marina wears her heart on cheek but never on her sleeve. To copy her, I drew heart on my right side (even though hers is on her left side) because the right side has special meaning to me. JUST KIDDING. I completely forgot because I accidentally stabbed my finger with eyebrow scissors while shooting this tutorial.

Marina’s hair is voluminous and slightly wavy in the video, so I created some waves my own. I used a curling iron to create spirals, and then I slightly flattened out the spirals while they were still hot by combing them out with my fingers.

To add volume on top, I take a two-inch section at the front of my hair, twist it and pin it forward to create a fake pouf. Lastly, with some ribbon, I tie a bow at the front of my head.

To complete the costume, I put on a black top with a sheer mesh neckline and paired it with a black skirt (not pictured).

The Finished Look

The bow and the drawn-on heart on my cheek make me feel so playful and fun. I may have to incorporate the two into my regular beauty routine now.

And in case you’re wondering about her latest album, Froot, it’s amazing.

  • Is anyone else dressing up like a pop star this Halloween?
  • Does anyone have other fun ideas for Halloween costumes for people with long, black hair?
  • Who else is a Diamond like me? Show yourself!