5 Budget-Friendly Makeup Organization Ideas

Don't just store your makeup, display it.

One of my favorite things about Sephora is how beautiful everything looks on display. So when I was reorganizing my makeup it occurred to me that I could create my own means of display atop my desk/vanity.

The first thing I did was to decide which items I wanted to be displayed. I tried to stick with packaging that I really like and my most frequently used items. Once I separated out those things, I started thinking about how I would like them set out. Pinterest was an especially helpful source of inspiration in that respect. I bought most of my materials at Target and a couple of things at Hobby Lobby and then I got to it. In all I spent $75 to totally redesign my beauty bar.

Blushes & Compacts

I have a lot of these and I didn't want to stack them, so I searched for a mid-size tray to line them up on. This $15 EV Holiday Gold Plastic Serving Tray from Target worked perfectly.

Brushes, Liners & Lippies

I knew I wanted to incorporate Mason jars somewhere because I love the way they look, so I filled three jars about halfway with craft marbles and used them to showcase my brushes, liners, and long-tubed lip products. It made sense size-wise, and these are the items I have the least quantity of. I had these materials around my house, but you can find pretty affordable Mason jars at Target as well.

Eye Shadows

I typically buy eye shadow in palette format because I love to have options, but there a few brands that have individual shadows, pigments, and cream pots that I like to collect. I often think of these little containers as being candy-like, so I thought that showcasing them in little candy dishes would be a fun way to display them and make them easily accessible.

I used one dish to display my gel liners, cream shadow pots, and single powder shadows, and the other to display my pressed and loose pigments.

Lipsticks & Foundations

As I was strolling through Target, I spotted some Threshold Bamboo Rectangular Drawer Organizers ($7 each) that I thought would be perfect for storing lipsticks and foundations. I didn’t want to just set them on the desk, so I attached mounting tape to the back of the drawer organizers and adhered them below some pictures I had hanging above my desk. I like that they look like they’re floating, and it keeps my desk from being too cluttered.


The thing I was most excited about creating was a display for my palettes (give me ALL the palettes). One of the ideas I loved on Pinterest was repurposing a magnetic board to hang makeup. For this I bought a magnetic dry erase board from Target and sprayed it down with black chalkboard paint. I choose chalkboard paint because I love the matte black finish--and plus you can write on it.

I learned the hard way (because why read the instructions?) that you want to paint your surface in thin layers, rather than saturate it entirely from the get-go, and allow some time for drying between layers. While I waited for my board to dry, I took a pack of craft magnets and stuck them to the back of each palette. When it was fully dry, I mounted my board and arranged my palettes on it.

I store the rest of my makeup in clear plastic storage bins to rotate out when I feel moved. (More than likely the surplus will be gifted to friends.)

  • How do you guys feel about display vs. storage?
  • What’s your makeup setup? Throw some pictures in the comments if you have them!