You Asked: Makeup Etiquette Edition!

I'm answering all your questions about handling tricky beauty situations with diplomacy.

Hi everyone! It's the return of my weekly video advice column. As always, if you can't see the video below, you can watch it at the source.

Points of interest...

Q: How can I stop my roommate using my makeup? She never asks and does it ALL THE TIME. I think it’s gross; she doesn’t see the problem.

A: Two solutions to this (and all roommate-related issues, really). 0:28

Q: My friend tried to dye her hair blonde and it looks terrible! She’s happy with it, but it’s bright yellow, uneven, and doesn’t work with her skin tone. She’s also looking for a new job in our shared, very conservative field, and this hair is going to work against her in interviews. How can I tell her the brassy blonde has to go?

A: This question gets broken down into two parts: How to tell your friend her hair is bad (1:21) and how to tell your friend that her hair could be working against her, professionally (1:36).

Q: My friend at work ALWAYS has lipstick on her teeth and her foundation is never blended around her jaw. How can I tell her she needs to check her makeup without hurting her feelings?

A: A general warning about personal space, using social mirroring for your own purposes AND the importance of using a light touch (with bonus Futurama joke). 2:56

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And because I know someone is going to ask: my VERY CORAL lipstick in this video is Party Parrot by MAC, which Kara sent to me! Thank ewe, Kara!

How do you handle sticky makeup etiquette situations? Anyone have any great roommate-related beauty stories to share? How is your imaginary tea today? Have you ever made it look like an electrical thing? Come on, you can tell me.