You Won't Believe How Many Products I Can Fit Into This Makeup Bag

Sonia Kashuk is the Mary Poppins of cosmetics cases.
Publish date:
July 21, 2016
sonia kashuk, makeup bag, organization

I may just be something of a bag lady when it comes to makeup bags. I have a disturbing amount of them, and I do actually use most of my makeup bags all at one time for keeping my large makeup collection organized.

So what is a beauty writer to do when traveling? Take pretty much anything and everything you could even possibly need with you. And it isn't just for those who literally need this for their job, but any other over-packing makeup enthusiast on the go. Or if you have a larger makeup collection and want to have every single makeup item you own in one little spot.

And hey, even if you have Marie Kondo'd your whole makeup collection, you can use this bag for makeup, hair products, toiletries, etc. and it will all be in one organized place.

So let's get into why this Sonia Kashuk bag may just be the perfect makeup organizer, and at the same time show you the mania of what I've got packed in it.

From the outside, it looks pretty big. And really, it is — the bag comes in at 10 by 8-ish inches, and you can stuff it up to two inches thick full of makeup goodness and still be able to close the zipper. Although the block print is sold out of this exact style, every new pattern collection comes with this same style of bag appropriately named the Beauty Organizer.

I have no right to be as excited as I am about the removable pouches. I mean seriously, I've had this bag for a while, and every time I rip a pouch off its Velcro holder, I get a little too much satisfaction. Other times I've set up this bag, I did a whole face in each bag. One was filled with more dramatic colors, and the other bag had softer colors. This time, I packed too much stuff so I had to separate vaguely by product.

All placed out, you can see just how much those little bags hold. 14 items in total, some of which (I'm lookin' at you Kevyn Aucoin) are pretty hefty. The removable bags are helpful for when you don't want to haul the whole bag from one place to another — you can just take what you need with you.

Over on the brush side you get a little compartment that is sewn onto the — what would you call it, binding? — of the bag. You can flip it over like a page in a book so, yeah, let's just go with calling it the binding. It comes complete with an elastic band to keep everything in place, and a clear flap to cover and protect your tools. This is important for me because I once totally ruined a brush by getting the bristles stuck in a zipper. Poor thing was never the same again.

FYI, I have 100% gone back on my resolution to use fewer brushes and I took all the best ones with me. To make things a little more manageable, I'm splitting up the brushes I took with me into different categories. I like having multiple foundation brushes, especially when traveling so I don't have to wash them as often.

Because I'm majorly getting back into the eyeshadow game, I have a lot of options for different looks and uses.

You can also store liners, mascara, etc. There's room for everyone.

All together this little brush pouch can easily hold 29 different tools and products, and really probably more depending on how full the rest of the bag is from the other products. Less bulk in the other sections gives this one more room to grow.

If you flip over the brush compartment, you find another large zipper compartment in the back. You can technically fit twice as much as I have in here because there is enough room to stack two Z Palettes on top of each other and be able to zip the zipper of this section. But, really, even I don't need four Z Palettes stuffed to the gills, so you can fit other flat makeup in this section if you wanted.

So, yeah. You can fit a lot in the last section. See what I mean about fitting literally your entire makeup collection in one bag? It's totally feasible.

This bag has done the trick every time I've needed to take my makeup on the go, and it has held up to lots of makeup spills, rough travels, and drops without getting wrecked itself and keeping my goods protected.

  • How do you travel with makeup?
  • Any other chronic over-packers?
  • Do you keep all your makeup in a bag or in a spot like a vanity?