I Impress Myself with How Well I Can Hide My Under-Eye Bags

My puffy under-eye bags have been unwelcome accessories on my face for as long as I've been alive. They aren't super-dark, nor do they get better (or worse) depending on sleep, or allergies, or stress. They just kinda chill out on my face at all times.

I remember when I was about seven years old, I was playing basketball at my elementary school and when I went to get water, one of the parents came up to make sure I wasn't hit in the eye or sick or something.

Nope, that's just how my eyes look.

My under-eye puff is hereditary, so they literally never change. Straight on in good lighting, they don't look bad, but when I tilt my head down, you can really get the whole picture of the lovely things.

My eye bags don't make me look mysterious in that what have you been up to kind of way; they just age me and emphasize the difference in the size and shape of my eyes.

When I'm feeling very glass-half-full about them, I like to think they emphasize my eyes, like when you underline something very important. Like, look at my eyes! Aren't they pretty?

When I want my eyes to look as flawless as possible, though, I go the full monty and start out with some color correction.

The inner corners of my eyes are bluish, and sometimes purple-tinted when I actually am overly tired. I use a small amount of a salmon-tinted concealer to balance the blue tones.

Right now, I'm using the salmon-colored side of my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. It does the job but is a bit stiff for the inner-eye area, and not all of the combos of the Secret Camouflage have a shade that would work for color correcting. I also really like the Bobbi Brown Corrector, which comes in many more shades and is much creamier.

Keep in mind, if you are trying out color-correcting your under-eyes for the first time, make sure the color is the right depth for your skin tone and the right color to correct what you want to change. If I went for the red-lipstick trick to correct my under eyes, I would just look like I was five and broke into my mom's makeup bag and smeared her lipstick all over my face, which is definitely something that I might have done as a kid.

If you have a deeper skin tone, use a darker color (hell, try the red lipstick trick if you want!) and if you have a red tone under your eyes try a greenish corrector to help combat it.

My very favorite concealer is the Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer. It is very creamy so it doesn't dry out my under-eyes (or anywhere else I use it), it's very easy to blend seamlessly, and it's high-coverage.

To make my eyes look seamless with the rest of my face, I place the concealer directly in the line of the bag. This concealer is ever so slightly lighter than my skin so it will help to highlight the specific area where I've placed it.

I'm only placing the concealer in the dip of the bag so I can bring that area forward. If I added a light concealer all over the bag (like I used to) or did the Kimmy K triangle concealer method, the puffy part of my eye bag would still look puffy because all I would have done is make it all the same shade, and the puff casts a shadow. I need to get rid of the shadow and the dip to make the bag look less puffy.

If I REALLY need to make sure my eyes are looking flawless, I finish up by baking my under-eye. This sets the concealer, makes sure it doesn't move, and blends the whole area together. I use a powder that isn't dramatically lighter than my skin (like a white powder or a highlighting powder would be) so that it doesn't add a highlight.

After letting the powder sit for 10 minutes or so, I brush it off and voila! Done.

I only concealed the eye on the right side of the photo so you can see the difference between the two. It isn't perfect, and you can still see there is some puffiness but it is so much less noticeable than my un-concealed eyes.

  • Do you have hereditary eye bags?
  • What's your under-eye concealer technique?