True Blue: A Classic Madonna Look That's Still Really Hot

After you guys pointed out how much my Ursula look resembled Madonna circa 1986, I knew I had to make that my next tutorial.

What do Ursula, 1986 Madonna, and myself all have in common? SO MANY THINGS.

Let’s see: We all have white-blonde pixie cuts, an affinity for red lips and nails, and a killer singing voice.

OK, my pixie isn’t exactly platinum, and OK, my singing voice sounds like the seagull’s in The Little Mermaid (just tying together all my references here). But I do own too many red lipsticks and nail polishes so that is why I am following my Ursula tutorial with a Madonna one.

Fine, you got me again. That’s not really why.

The actual motivation behind this post is you guys. I love it when the xoVain commenters know more about something than I do--really, I’m learning so much--or see things that I don’t. In the comments section of my Ursula post, a few people pointed out a resemblance to Madonna in her “True Blue” video. Naturally, a tutorial had to be done.

Personally, I’d rather do Madonna in her “Cherish” music video because then all I’d have to do is roll around in the ocean waves and get my hair wet. Sadly, that wouldn’t make for much of a makeup tutorial (or WOULD IT?), and like I said, I already have all this red nail polish sitting around. So “True Blue” Madonna it is!

This is a super-easy look, with the exception of the hair which I will save for last. In fact, this is basically my typical Friday-night-out look. In unrelated news, I just decided to look for a new go-to makeup routine. Let me know if you have any tips that aren’t from the '80s.

Let’s break this down into four easy parts, and for brevity’s sake, let’s agree that we’re starting with a base of either foundation or naturally perfect skin and move on. I’ll let you guess which one I went with.


I lined just the upper part of my eyes from one end to the other, making it thicker from the center outward. I recently picked up NYC liquid eyeliner, which I am liking immensely so far. It’s super-easy to apply and dries quickly.

Then I applied a slightly snipped pair of Sonia Kashuk Full Drama Eyelashes (same ones from my Yzma tutorial; I don’t throw false eyelashes out) closer to the outer edge of my eyes. I always use Ardell Lashgrip Adhesive for falsies. A little bit of my CoverGirl LashBlast mascara goes on next.

After that, I used my pinkie finger to add some subtle blue eyeshadow from my Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Trio “I’m Feelin’ Retro”, which ended up being particularly subtle on me because of my hooded eyes.

Remember, Madonna had some serious eyebrows going on in the '80s. I love the contrast with her hair and how they frame her face. I thought I had strong brows... until today. To get mine on her level, I filled them in and elongated them with little strokes of a brown NYC brow/eyeliner pencil. Then I took it a step further with some light brown eyeshadow to make them look even thicker.


I recreated her bright red lips with my Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato, which stays on forever. It’s my go-to red lip stain, which you may have noticed by now.

Then I used my eyeliner again to dab a little mole above my top lip. This is my third tutorial in which I had to add a little black mole--what’s up with that?

I already have a small gap between my teeth so I didn’t have to resort to any drastic measures like Annie did that one time.


Also red, like the lips. Alle inspired me to try to grow my nails out. It’s been helpful for really making me feel like a diva during tutorials like this.

Also helpful: before painting them with NYC’s Red Velvet Rope, I filed them into satisfyingly pointy ends.


It’s not that the hairstyle is terribly complicated; it’s just annoying and painful. And hot and sweaty. Curling a pixie cut is never a fun endeavor, and certainly not in a hot bathroom in July, but having a mini-straightener definitely helps.

I usually wear my hair brushed forward, so for this I had to first brush all my hair back, away from my face. Then I took my mini-straightener and wrapped thick pieces of my hair around it (focusing on the top of my head because the sides are too short) and curled them away from my face.

Once I had some nice volume, I blasted my head with hairspray to hold it. Despite all the hairspray, the curls started to wilt within 10 minutes, but that’s OK. Her hair in the “True Blue” video is more feathered than curled anyway. It’s up to you if you want super tight curls or if you want to brush them out a little for more of a feathered look.

I don’t own anything resembling her insane plaid dress--well, not since I was eight--so I borrowed the sexy brassiere idea from the “Open Your Heart” music video, which this look also works for, by the way.

Then I added the jean jacket because it seemed like something Madonna would’ve worn then. (Update: Aha! I was right.)

My only disappointment is that my hair should be whiter. I’ve been thinking about trying Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow to make my hair as light as it can be. I know it’s too late now to perfectly recreate Madonna’s “True Blue” look, but I’m sure I could do lots of other fun things with it.

For some reason, I’m more nervous to go white-blonde than I was to bleach my hair blonde in the first place. Anyone ever tried Virgin Snow before? Should I go white blonde to reach true heights of Madonna greatness? Let me know your thoughts, as always, because I love hearing them.