Lorde's Grammy Look: Sooty Fingertips And Plummy Lips

I'm all for slightly macabre makeup at major awards shows, aren't you?

So, I don't really care about the Grammys. I actually didn't even watch them. But I do, in fact, like Lorde.

When I think back to the miserable mess that I was when I was 17 and then see her steadily taking over the world, all I can think is, damn, girl. Plus, I love her affinity for dark lipstick. It always gives her this slightly off-putting but altogether commanding presence that I have major respect for.

THEN Sunday night, she shows up to the Grammy Awards and throws us a couple curveballs, smoothing her typically corkscrew curly hair into luxurious, sleek waves and clutching her mic with …

Some speculated her fingers might be ink-dipped, others thought Japanese henna. Others thought it could be an homage to Michele Lamy, wife and muse of Rick Owens, who frequently wears her fingers darkened. But the post-show press-room shots of the Kiwi show her with a clean, patent black manicure, no smudges in sight--which got me thinking, perhaps the soot was only temporary? A quick little statement that gave off a vibe of a girl who might hover her hands over the open flame of a Zippo, giving off a threatening Heather Mooney vibe.

I'm down. And once I experimented, I discovered the look was a) super-easy to achieve and b) not that messy, which made it kind of practical, for me at least. Recreation? Done.

So, let me break down how easy it is to rip off this look, OK?


Lorde's got a pretty luxurious head of long, mermaid hair. Seeing as I chopped mine off last spring, I needed some help.

I teased my own hair, spritzing in A Beautiful Life's Pre Game Texturizing Spray and scrunched it to get a nice, natural wave, and then clipped in Design Lengths Clip-In Wavy Extensions in both Black and Medium Dark Brown, layering the different shades to give myself long, mythical creature hair.

Then I took a boar bristle brush and lightly back-combed the lengths so that it all blended together and looked like the real thing.


Lorde is pretty much always wearing some shade of deep, dark lipstick, and she didn't stray far from that for the Grammys.

I recreated the look by lining my lips fully with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Venom, a deep plum, and then topped it with the brand's matching lipstick before blotting.

To really deepen it, I applied Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Tarred, a pure black. In the past I've found that this can apply pretty sheer sometimes, or too glossy, so I experimented. I kind of violently shook the tube to make sure the pigment and base blended properly, and then after about a minute of that, squeezed out a glob onto a tissue instead of onto a brush or directly on my lips. The pure, pitch-black lip product came out perfectly, and I applied a very thin layer on top of my previous base with a small angled brush.

I noticed Lorde kept the rest of her makeup simple aside from groomed brows and glowing skin, so I simply filled in my brows with a medium brown brow powder and then brushed on OCC's Loose Colour Concentrate in Oberon, a pinky-blue white shimmer, onto the bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, and inner corners of my eyes.


I'm sure this is what you clicked on the article for, so let's get to it.

I wanted to use something that I knew would wash off when I was ready, but wouldn't budge until then, and immediately my mind landed on MAC Paint Pots. These blend beautifully when you apply but once they're set, they're set for good (at least until you scrub at them with a heavy duty makeup remover).

I also figured, just to be safe, that I'd only cover the top side (or rather, nail-side) of my fingertips just so that I wasn't leaving my black fingertip smudges over everything I touched.

So my Paint Pot colour choice was Blackground, a black-gray with a slight shimmer that I knew would give a pretty smoky effect. I brushed it onto my fingertips with a flat concealer brush and blended it to a fade just at my first knuckle, giving it a dipped effect. Then I dabbed at it with a clean, dry cosmetic sponge to blot and set.

To complete the look, I applied one coat of Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish in Black Satin, to my fingernails only, seeing as Lorde had that black manicure hiding underneath all the darkness.

Easy as pie, man! Now tell me, is this a look you'd copy? I definitely want to repeat it and I don't care if it makes me look like a scary witch.