My Favorite Fashion Week Beauty Look So Far: Libertine

Kerastase and butter LONDON were responsible for the low ponytails, heavily lined lower lids, and flashy nails that I won't be waiting until spring 2014 to try. Also: face and finger gems!

You're going to be seeing a lot of Fashion Week beauty looks on this here internet this week, but I've been waiting. Waiting until I saw a look that wasn't just easy to reproduce (yawn); waiting until I saw a look that wasn't too outlandish to ever wear in public (pointless); waiting until I saw a look that was both wearable and whimsical before I went stimulating your optic nerves with it.

And Libertine delivered.

I went backstage at Lincoln Center last night, where butter LONDON and Kerastase were responsible for the nails, makeup and hair looks for the spring 2014 show. The models were all at different stages of the look when I arrived--some had their makeup done but not their hair and vice versa. Some were getting the polish from their last show removed and replaced. But one thing was very apparent: something quirky and yet totally doable was happening here.


I was immediately taken aback by how much mousse was being pumped out and run through models' hair. OK, maybe not "taken aback"--that's dramatic. But it was definitely a surprise to see an old-school texture making a triumphant return to fashionableness.

The mousse was, specifically, Kerastase Mousse Volumifique, which was volumizing the models' hair so, even though it was being blown-out straight, it looked thick.

Once dry, Kerastase Powder Bluff dry shampoo was being added not just to the roots of the models' hair, but over, under and in-between.

Next, a Hair Bungee--an elastic with a hook on each end--was used to secure a low ponytail.

The piece that was going to be wrapped around the elastic was then teased.

And after being wrapped around the elastic, it was secured with quite a few bobby pins.

The finished ponytail was then sprayed within an inch of its life with Laque Dentelle.

It looked awesome on both long and REALLY long hair.

Optional IRL: The models had a tuft of black hair glued in. I asked them if it hurts to get it removed, and one of the models said that there's a special remover that makes it easy but, "If you pulled on it, it would hurt." So I didn't. I would have otherwise.


Butter LONDON's Global Color Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes, was both the lead manicurist AND lead makeup artist, because she's an adorable, bespectacled powerhouse of talent. She was going for "pretty with an edge"--something that would work with Libertine's bright, embellished, sparkly collection.

The result was bold but remarkably easy to recreate.

Butter LONDON's WINK Eye Pencil in Union Jack Black was used heavily--and smudged--on the bottom lash line. I adore a cat eye, but it was really refreshing to see a lower-lash-line-only eyeliner look.

WINK Mascara, also in Union Jack Black, was used for the lashes, and the same mascara in Brown Sugar was applied to the brows for a little definition. Vaseline gave the eyelids a glossy effect.

CHEEKY Creme Blush in Honey Pie was applied to foundation-free skin. Then, LIPPY Tinted Balm in Toasted Marshmallow was used to neutralize the models' natural lip colors, and the same balm in Black Cherry was tapped in the center of the lips to create an almost-stained look.

Optional IRL: The look is gorgeous and wearable if you leave it at that, but if you happen live at the party in Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" video, you could totally get away with wearing the three gems under your eye.

A dot of glue was placed under the eye, and then a gem was carefully applied with a tweezer.

The process (it's really not much of a process, is it?) was repeated two more times.

The finished look is almost like little beauty marks. I personally couldn't pull it off since I already have my built-in one and it would just be too much on me--and also, I don't really have a place to go where face gems are "appropriate"--but I think it would be really pretty at, say, a music festival or something you party-type people go to. You know who you are.


The ornamentation of the clothing was almost literally reflected in the manicures. They started with butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Union Jack Black--they really like that name--and followed with several colors of holographic foil.

Optional IRL: Little gems similar to the ones used under the eye were also added below one finger on each hand, and a fluffy little red pom-pom topped the foil on two fingers. I'd personally pass on the pom-poms, but as for the gems, we all know finger art is the logical progression of nail art.

I really love the look, and I know I'll be trying the hair and makeup on myself. I can't think of where I'd wear the under-eye jewels, but you know never know--I may get married again.

Do you dig it? Would you go for the more unconventional details, or keep the look glue-free? What's been your favorite Fashion Week look so far?